Xbox 360 Slim Doesn't RROD in Heat Tests Side by Side with PS3

GoFanBoy: After rumors surfaced in the gaming community that the new Xbox 360 Slims (or whatever you want to call the new SKU) were experiencing the same ill-fate that the new model’s predecessor had been plagued with, we wanted to test it out for ourselves. In order to ensure we put the console through its riggers, we setup a test that we knew would push any of the older model Xbox 360s over the edge and into an instant Red Ring fit.

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GunShotEddy2613d ago

The PS3 fat put off a lot more heat than the PS3 slim. Not fair.

Hellsvacancy2613d ago ShowReplies(12)
GWAVE2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

This test really doesn't mean anything. Think of all the people who say "RRoD is a myth! My 360 hasn't overheated ever, and I have a launch console". Testing one console is pointless. You think Microsoft only tested on console before launch? Wait, don't answer that...

Well duh! The failure rate isn't 100%, even if you do crank up the thermostat. If you want a definitive test, perform the same test on 100 different 360 S's, or 1,000.

I mean, I wouldn't expect amateur gaming journalists to understand the process of product testing, but c'MON!

ThanatosDMC2612d ago

Well my fatty PS3 died after 2-3yrs worth of thick dust, folding, and heavy gaming... damn, dust bunnies. I'm happy with my new Slim but weirded out because it doesnt have the shutdown button on the back.

Consoldtobots2612d ago

tell me bout it thanatos, the other day I spent 2+ hours disassembling my PS3FAT and there was about a half inch of dust around all the vents.
Broke out the vacuum and now I can't even tell it's on. Oddly enough I found an asian site that sells a PS3 vent filter kit to prevent this sort of thing.

Inane_Asylum2612d ago

"In addition to testing the new Xbox 360, we wanted to run a parallel test with our PS3. It should be noted that for this test we used our 160gb PS3 fat that came in our Drake’s Fortune bundle a long while back."

Testing a brand new 360 alongside an old PS3 = instant fail...

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sikbeta2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

The PS3 fat put off a lot more heat and keep Working, the PS3 Slim put less heat and keep working, x360"S" doesn't RROD, it RDOD when overheat to prevent its own death and the x360 is the one that get RROD when its going to Brick...(edited)

MariaHelFutura2613d ago

Yeah, that`s not really a fair comparison IMO.

OSU_Gamer2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Lol, you really want to talk about fair on N4G. Look around.

corneliuscrust2613d ago

This place doesnt know the meaning of the word "fair"

ruiner44822613d ago

Seems pretty fair and balanced around here! :p

AciDx2613d ago

Yay. Now the sony fanboys can let this one go hopefully.

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DoucheVader2613d ago

This is hardly scientific, especially coming from "Go Fanboy".

Don't believe everything you read on the interwebs.

Snakefist302613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

That is a sh***t article and a bunch of lies too.My friend has 40GB ps3 fat he plays abut 4 or 6 hrs straight and nothing has happen to his Ps3 no shutdowns no nothing.He continually 4 or 6hrs everyday.This is a complete Bullsh**t article.

saf1007922613d ago

Did you read where they put the thing? I really doubt your buddy plays with it sitting in a closed closet

gtamike2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Already but now it's called "Red Dot Of Death"

KaBaW2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

If you type, like you're supposed to, then you are.
Considering you have to move your hand in a more.. stressful position,
to type every-1 than to just simply type, everyone.

XactGamer2612d ago because this page is full of them.

I think he should shove all the consoles in that small space and let them melt into a mutated console hybrid the PS360Wii.

beardpapa2612d ago

Err.... if they're gonna run a real heat test, they shoulda used a more intensive game instead of Guitar Hero. =P

Persistantthug2612d ago

But I don't think I would ever trust the opinion of a site called "".

Why in the hell would they put a PHAT PS3 against a Slim 360?

Makes no sense.....except to of course.

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Omega42613d ago

Sadly this will annoy some people

GunShotEddy2613d ago

Why would it annoy anyone? They used a PS3 fat because they new it heated up more than the PS3 slim. We're not annoyed, just know the only reason the 360 lasted. Plus the 360 is brand new. You know if they have a 160gb, it wasn't sitting in the box, because those are old.

-Alpha2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I think he means that some people enjoy seeing the 360 continue to fail. Already people are acting as if RRoD exists, still in its grandest form simply because they saw a website show a Youtube video of a 360S malfunctioning. This to them is all the proof they need to eternally cast the 360S in the same light as the original 360. It's a very unfair thing to do, but it gets done.

And I certainly see that happen when individual Youtube videos of the new 360 are pulled out, turned into article, and people begin hyping them as if it means the whole 360 S model has failed (as if any piece of hardware isn't prone to fault).

See, this article is a good step to properly testing out and making comparisons that are fair, accurate, and properly done for people who truly care to see how the new model does. It's a simple scientific comparison. We need more of this instead of random Youtube videos that attempt to cause heat and trouble. I'd like to see surveys done by bigger media groups down the months to really get a broader picture of how the 360S is doing. If MS truly has cleaned up their act we need to properly confirm it.

I'd also like to see the same done for the Elite. To my knowledge MS reduced RRoD a lot with the Elite models (or so they say), but they are still under 3 yr warranties if I'm not mistaken, and that makes me wonder about if they are just as prone to RRoD, or if they are less prone.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2613d ago

Yeah, there will proabably be quite a few trolls who are upset the new xbox doesn't break as much.

It's stupid really, everyone should be happy that 360s are getting more reliable so that gamers aren't forced to wait a month to get theirs fixed.

Some people just have nothing better to do than downplay another console. If people love their 360/PS3 that much they should go play on it rather than trying to mock another console.

Chris3992613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

"...a good step to properly testing out and making comparisons that are fair, accurate, and properly done". And as a 'scientific comparison', it's laughable. No sample or data is accurate in a 1 vs. 1 comparison - when one of the consoles is of an older make and manufacture date, no less. And why even compare it to a PS3 - other than for hits? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to do stress tests between a 360 Slim and a newly purchased 360 fat?

I'm not putting out an opinion about whether the new 360 does or does not RROD (or whatever permutation that you might call it now), but there is nothing professional or scientific about article or it's findings.

The whole thing is incredibly amateurish. Truth is we'll just have to wait and see till they're out on the market for a while before anyone knows anything about whether or not the new box is reliable. MS says that it is, so let's just leave it at that for now. A couple of youtube videos and by the same token a half-assed stress test run on some amateur website aren't really providing a strong basis for an argument either way.

Edit: No, it's still rather horrid, actually :) I'm not trying to argue, but articles like this are part of the cancer that infests N4G and the gaming media as a whole. They should be comparing 360 models w/ 360 models and using a sizable sample within a controlled environment - standard testing procedure (we learned this back in high-school). None of that was done. The PS3 was just thrown in for kicks, it has no relevance to the reliability of a 360 unit, none at all.

-Alpha2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )


Yeah, scientific was the wrong word to use, sorry.

The point is that it's a better step at trying to arrive at the conclusion


But it's better than using Youtube videos, isn't it? At least the comparison is trying to arrive at a conclusion or trying to prove a point.

But you are correct, I see your point. I feel really bad for saying it was scientific, sorry for the poor wordage ;)

edgeofblade2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Funny thing about citing the new warranty as an indication of anything... you could spin it either way. Either Microsoft did not include a 3-yr extended warranty because they have more confidence in the hardware... or they could have included it to instill confidence in the consumer.

Either way, I observe the same bias that Alpha-Male sees. Everyone wants to ridicule the 360 because they are addicted to the snark-monster.

FragMnTagM2613d ago

I don't think anyone claimed that it was scientific besides Alpha and he admittedly said it was a poor word choice. Of course it is not scientific.

The point of the test was that, unless I missed something, the consoles were sharing the same heat inside the cabinet. Any of the older 360 models would have suffered dearly from that test. The new XBOX didn't even shut off, surely anyone can see that that is an improvement at least.

Anyway, either the youtube video with the RDOD or this test doesn't prove anything yet like you said. We will have to wait a little bit to see just how well it is made.

By the way I am not disagreeing with you, I am just putting the point of the test out there and I believe the point was that both consoles were sharing the same hot air.

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nycredude2613d ago

I find it funny that all of a sudden is a viable source of information regarding hardware.

This website is amongst the worst out there and I would rather get inundated with pop ups on an ugly chick xxx website and suffer multiple malware intrusions than give this sorry ass site hits.

OT: The gaming is starting to resemble the real media, in that they use sensationalist headlines and topics to garner more hits, so you have to assume that things will get overblown, whether it's regarding 360, Wii or the Ps3.

vgn242613d ago

I think we know which console you prefer. You should have said you'd rather get tons of pop-ups from a xxx site than hear ANYTHING not negative about the 360.

no_more_trolling2613d ago

ohh and a simple youtube video of a supposedly rrod is 100% proof right?

do u even think before you type

vgchica2613d ago

why wasn't the Wii tested? It's part of this gen.

vgn242613d ago

The Wii isn't exactly a power plant that creates a lot of heat (or quality games, lol) Just a joke. The Wii is great, but not considered the same as the other two.