Bioshock Demo to be Released Soon - Rumor

This is a rumor that the Bioshock demo will be released on Xbox Live in the next few weeks. The crux of the rumor is that Germany's USK, a ratings board similar to the ESRB, has rating the demo of Bioshock, but not the full game. This article includes a screenshot of the games most recently rated by the USK.

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V2oom3796d ago

BioSquat sounds like something a bear does in the woods.

Good news about a possible demo though.

Zhuk3796d ago

bring on game of the year baby ^_^

The Real Joker3796d ago

That will go to Mass Effect.

rubarb233796d ago

game of the year belongs to halo 3!

Syko3796d ago

I feel a terrible sadness washing over me...I wont have my 360 back for about 6 weeks. This is the worst news ever. Curse the RRoD.

Oh well, Back to guitar hero rocks the 80's :(

jay33796d ago

I got this months issue of OXM360 (UK) and you get a demo disc with every issue, with like, 10 games on it. At the back of this month's issue it said next issue they had a Bioshock demo on the disc!!!

Next issue comes out like, 2nd August...


I'm pretty sure they havethe same mag in US, so joy for all!

PS360PCROCKS3796d ago

Oh wow that'd be awesome, if only my 360 was fixed, couple days I suppose til I fix it...

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