Mystery Command & Conquer 3 Announcement on August 7

1UP spies used their patented brand of trickery to get a hold of the mysterious teaser image pictured below which has been circulating in the e-mails of Electronic Arts employees involved with the recently released Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

So what does it all mean?

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Nemesis4156d ago

They need to fix the disconnect exploit on the 360 version before announcing an addon pack. Typical EA though, they'll probably try and squeeze us for more coin rather than putting right the existing problems.

ASSASSYN 36o4156d ago

Ea games have the worst disconnect problems of any game I have ever played in my life. I own two ea games and they will be the last two. Battlefield MC and C&C tiberium wars. Battlefield MC has no lag but terrible disconnects.

jesterlives4156d ago

I bet ya dollars to donuts it's a C&C game for Wii

Rama262854156d ago

I hope they're announcing one for the PS3! I love the game, but my poor PC can't handle it properly and that sucks the fun out of it.

::::fingers crossed::::

P4KY B4156d ago

I get motion sickness playing it with a controller.

socomnick4156d ago

mouse keyboard support would be awsome :) finally hotkeys :)