YouTube Teams With IGN To Broadcast E3

TechCrunch: Next week, the world’s leading video game makers and throngs of fans and press will unite for E3, which is generally regarded as the most prominent annual gaming-focused news event. And this year, fans will be able to watch live, thanks to a live stream that’s being broadcast through a partnership between YouTube and gaming portal IGN.

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PaPa-Slam2414d ago

this is good news, Every year all the sites like G4TV, Gamespot & Gametrailers broadcasts are way too laggy. I'll give this a shot this time.

mrv3212414d ago

Or even better when it starts like 5 minutes late, it freezes every 30 second and finally gets reduced to some guy typing away from his laptop.

Conloles2414d ago

Hooray thank god for Adblock

mrv3212414d ago

I use I.E without ABP every now and again and honestly ABP saved the internet for me. I'm not going to overstate ABP but without it I wouldn't


LukaX232414d ago

Not to promote the website, but claims they're using the same servers that were used to stream the 'Hope for Haiti' concert which was streamed to hundreds of websites. So, I think we're good.

If not, I'll be watching Sony's E3 Conference off of my PS3 from the PS Store. =]

PS: Here's the video.

Oldsnake0072414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

wtf gamespot is not laggy. It's the most reliable live stream of E3 on the net

gaffyh2414d ago

Gametrailers was actually more reliable last year (except for one of the conferences I think).

simplyRealistic182414d ago

well dont you have g4tv channel or spike tv seriously why are there complaints when most of you here have cable

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Kingdom Come2414d ago

Whilst Gamespot did brilliantly last year, I will give this a go...
Brilliant news as this means SO many more people can witness E3 2010!

-Mezzo-2414d ago

Gamespot Does a fairly good job every year.

galgor2414d ago

excellent! The more options the better.

CaptainMarvelQ82414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

i believe with this, E3 will gain even more attetntion

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The story is too old to be commented.