DigitalFoundry: 3D Super Stardust boosts 2D performance

Housemarque has said that the 3D update to its stunning PSN shooter, Super Stardust HD, also significantly boosts elements of the existing 2D version of the game.

Writing for the official PlayStation Blog, Housemarque CEO and co-founder Ilari Kuittinen said that the original Super Stardust HD only utilised around 50 per cent of the SPU power available, so the original game code was upgraded to run in the studio's brand new engine.

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MGRogue20172838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Aye, It's all about those SPUs :)

InfectedDK2838d ago

That makes sense! I tried it and I really thought wow it looks even better but that couldn't be true as I did not use 3D..

Spydiggity2837d ago

don't you have more to contribute to the comments than the same cliche crap every ps3 fanboy says in EVERY ps3 article?

as for this game, i played it last night for 2 and a half hours straight. my thumbs were KILLING me by the end, but it's worth it. it's by far my favorite ps3 game.

n4gno2837d ago

Super stardust is great, but "it's by far my favorite ps3 game." is a troll/xbox'fan's joke (even if we can't compare a 3D shooter with others kind of games)

Spydiggity2837d ago

because that's my favorite game on the ps3, and i never mentioned 360, i must be an xbox fanboy? wow...well i know i can't fight that logic because you, and all the other idiots on this site, think that's sound reasoning. okay buddy. i guess i'm not allowed to have an opinion on best ps3 game because it obviously conflicts with your own. jerk.

raztad2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I have SS on my PSP, but I'm buying this for my PS3 as well. Housemarque efforts need to be rewarded.

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MexicanAppleThief2838d ago

yes now its 1080p at 60 fps, even in split-screen mode :)

viperman2402838d ago

Does it run 720P at 60fps as well?

Ju2837d ago

Yes, with 4xMSAA (2xMSAA in 1080)

mushroomwig2838d ago

Downloading the update now, thanks for reminding me. ^_^

ForzaGT2838d ago

that is quite impressive if true, downloading it now

TheJudgement2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Even if you dont have a 3D TV you can use the old red/blue glasses to see in 3D if have a 3D enabled game via PS3. I know it prob wont look as good but a good stepping stone w/o forking out $1.5g.

BiggCMan2838d ago

no i doubt it, because the ps3 will only display 3D if it detects that the t.v has it. but that would be nice, id like to see a link though if u dont mind.

TheJudgement2838d ago

the article SSHD devs said that they been working on 3D last year before they were able to even test it on the 3DTVs and they ahd to use the old style on their monitors to see the 3D effect. If they was doing that then we should still be able to do that now. Remember the PS3 pushes 3D tech too its not all TV based.

xTruthx2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Ill tell you guys if it works, i have a pair of 3d glasses. Downloading the update now

xTruthx2837d ago

nah it doesn't work lol

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