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NG: Perhaps its s sign of aging and perhaps that our sexual appetites have over the years degraded from young buck to the jaded disinterest of a sixty-three year-old admiral, but we are finding ourselves increasingly drawn out of a game’s world whenever the developer sees fit to incorporate extraneous cleavage into the game...

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Anarki2994d ago


Conloles2994d ago

I was misdirected to Redtube.

knight6262994d ago

@Anarki it will never be the best header ever because evetually you will say it again on another stupid articles that has a dumb silly header

Leio2994d ago

Very straight forward title :D

Legosz2994d ago

Watch this is going to be top news pretty soon thanks to all of these testosterone filled 12 year olds ./sarcasm

sid4gamerfreak2994d ago

in 2 hours this article get 530 degrees...

in 4 hours itll be 1060, then it 6 hours itll be 1590 and then in 8 hours itll be 2120...

Yes I can do math...

PS: I love boobies

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qface642994d ago

with a picture like that and a tittle like that i expect 1000 degrees lol

FanboyAttack2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

What The F#ck no boobies. Now Gamer has been pushing stuff that seems like its just for N4G, they must be getting as desperate for hits as the small sites.

jimmins2994d ago

Can see how it may look that way, but a lot of stuff the NowGamer guys do is just for fun and this is a great example.

Calm Down Sunshine2994d ago

This is all terribly immature, and you should all be ashamed of yourse-booooooooooobs.

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The story is too old to be commented.