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Cartesian3D2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

that looks brutal .. killing was the best aspect of Killzone2 (it was fun).. I think it will be Godlike in Killzone3...

EDIT : it uses ingame models and animations.. HELL YES>. we will see these kind of brutal melee IN FREAKING GAME! just look at physics and body impacts... OMG

EDIT2 : he puts on the helghan helmet .. Holy f*** .. so there is a stealth gameplay too? cant wait for E3... I cant be more excited.. T_T

Hellsvacancy2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

*Wets pants (and carpet)*

Chubear2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

*curls up into fetal position in the corner*
So, stealth missions confirmed for KZ3 uh? SUWEET!

Hideo_Kojima2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

:O I better go grab some tissues before I watch this

Edit: We couldn't load the video due to heavy traffic.
Please try again later.

I can wait all day :P

talltony2995d ago

We will be posing as a helghast and getting them when they least expect it! So cool. wish this would come out this year.

Hideo_Kojima2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Well they did say it will be like the movie Inglorious Bastards so I guessed that is what would happen as that is what the whole movie is about.

Edit: Just watched it its so sweet. I think he cuts someone leg off as well so maybe you will be able to chop people in pieces like in Left 4 Dead not just pop their heads off like in KZ2.

nix2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

sigh.. it says "Couldn't load the video, possibly due to heavy traffic."

any other site???

EDIT: thanks morganfell (below)


Redrum0592994d ago

Lol why are all those above me getting disagrees. Too many trolls lurking around. This game is gonna kick some ass.

Danteh2994d ago

holy sh!t can't wait for the best shooter this gen... until now it was KZ2 ;)

The_Count2994d ago

My god.

That was awesome.

UltraNova2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Holy shit! I think I pissed my self!

Btw who was that guy? The new protagonist maybe?

Rumor2994d ago

looks more rugged and WAR-torn. a true fight for survival on Helghast mustve caused this beastly appearance.


Legosz2994d ago

I didn't think it was a good teaser really. Didn't really focus on any new aspects of the game.

Rumor2994d ago

uhm, it focused entirely on a new aspect of the game......the new melee system

cyborg69712994d ago

At legozs it's called a teaser for a reason. And it looks ruthless can't wait. Hand to hand combat with finishing moves. Can someone pick up my and the 360 fanboys jaws.

-Alpha2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Jesus Christ! What an amazing trailer, the artistic direction of this trailer looks bloody amazing! Holy shit! The only word that comes to mind is "WAR!" And was that SEV?? I absolutely love STRONG imagery of the Helghast helmets, and I'm SO Happy that they are emphasizing story and gameplay.

ChozenWoan2994d ago

Gen6 was Halo...
.... but
Gen7 is Killzone 2/3/&4

and people laughed when it was called the Halo Killer.

sweettooth2994d ago

1- People who hate all first person shoter games

2- 360 fanboy from First class

3- MW2 controller FANBOY

kunit22c2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

And this is going to be in 3D!!

Also I hope they have some type of "survive the waves of helghast soldiers" cop-op mode! That would be awesome! Kinda like Nazi Zombies but Killzoneified!

UltraNova2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

If they manage to keep the Ultra-realistic body hit impact animation and feel like in this teaser man oh man it will be dream just to look at the game in motion let along playing it!

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2994d ago

Looks like theyre kind of taking a step back to Killzone 1. I was really suprised when they left out the finsihsing moves with the knife that were in Killzone 1

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morganfell2995d ago

Woah. That was draw jopping, er, I mean jaw dropping, I mean, crap I can't speak after seeing that.

morganfell2995d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Found an HD version on youtube - 720p:

@below, I think this is in engine similar to what was done with Behind the Bullet from Killzone 2. I don't think Sony will go down the CGI road again. Detractors may hope so but I think it unlikely.

commodore642995d ago Show
Ju2994d ago

I don't really care if that's CGI or not (even more impressed if it's not).

The title is "TEASER" and that's what this thing does VERY effectively: teasing. A jaw dropping teaser it is.

TotalPS3Fanboy2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I know. This means that the gameplay will actually look like this CGI teaser, since this CGI teaser uses game assets. I love the graphics: so incredible that it can not be done on any other console. So incredible that people can not tell the difference between CGI and gameplay anymore.

raztad2994d ago

"The Teaser uses our own animations and is rendered in CG" Posted by Aryeh Loeb – Producer, Guerrilla Games on

TotalPS3Fanboy2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

"Yes, we do have a new Close Combat system in game. That’s why we were able to make this teaser with in-game animations."

The Maxx2994d ago Show
raztad2994d ago

@The Maxx

Perhaps but I wouldnt be so sure.

"Yes, we do have a new Close Combat system in game. That’s why we were able to make this teaser with in-game animations."

That sound like they are creating the CGI on top of the actual in-game animations not mimicking them.

ShinMaster2994d ago

Gameplay itself, of any game, is CG.

I think what some of you are trying to say is "pre-rendered".

So from the info gathered from GG.
Basically the trailer was not in "real-time", BUT it is using in-game character animations with higher-res models. And of course, added effects.

The Maxx2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Ya I agree. But since the animations have a CGI element over top of them...the visuals can't be claimed as in-game graphics. It's still CG graphics.

It's like EPIC's notorious BullShots. This is like a moving bullshot but not claimed as actual gameplay visuals.

Heisenberg2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Of all the games to troll, you pick the one that's guaranteed to make you eat your words.

Commodore is so butthurt, he probably should avoid sitting down for a few days.

EDIT: Wow, deja vu. To people whining about it not all being real time, do you really all have that short a memory, KZ2 is STILL the best looking shooter on a console to date, GG has more than proven themselves, this is a teaser, and one with in-game character animations to boot, pick a developer that doesn't deliver you top quality games to shît on .

raztad2994d ago

I think those are in-game models or very close to them. Compare this


with Kratos IN-GAME model

ShinMaster2994d ago

I think you're onto something here. Looking at the resolution on the face in the KZ3 trailer, it could very well be the in-game character model(plus the animations).

Good stuff.

aGameDeveloper2994d ago

Something to keep in mind is that the model and animations used for this video are not NECESSARILY the same as what you will actually be fighting against in game. Many games will use a higher-resolution model and animations for in-engine cinematics, which play in a tightly -controlled setting (such as this with just two characters), so they can afford to use higher rendering and animation costs.

Marquis_de_Sade2994d ago

Why ear you bringing God of War 3 into this? It's a 3rd person action game, Kratos will be considerably more detailed than the characters in Killzone 3, that's not to say they wont look good, but GoW is all about kratos.

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Kleptic2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

that was beyond awesome...nothing else to say...the helghast are such an awesome looking enemy...

haha the first time I watched it I thought he ripped his fawkin' head off...oh well, just a helmet...still arguing that a dude standing on a pile of corpses is just about as tough as it gets...

morganfell2995d ago

If you look around on the Killzone website you can download the HD version and it is insanity in a video file.

Ju2995d ago

Wow. One question remains. Who is that guy ?

MexicanAppleThief2995d ago

Thats Sev, and he looks badass!!!

Downtown boogey2995d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Yeah, it's definitely Sev.

candystop2994d ago

Looks like a slim Marcus Fenix.

Ju2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Must be, huh? But, well, he got brushed up :) And that, being stranded on an alien planet. Maybe he just got older, huh, better looking. But no motivation to shave any more, lol (I understand all that, out of experience, LOL). Boy, if those character models translate into the game, than I will be more than impressed...

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Inside_out2994d ago ShowReplies(6)
meetajhu2994d ago

Just like told Killzone 3 will define how war games and fps should be made!

trancefreak2994d ago

Looks like perhaps being stuck on helgan you might have to start weraing their protective masks? I dont know the back story very well but the trailer was sweet.

GG really thinks out side the box with a kick ass trailer.

colonel1792994d ago

If I remember correctly, they started to wear those mask so they could survive in their planet, so the ISA, not belonging there, would have to use their masks.

So maybe, instead of wearing their mask to infiltrate, they will use them for surviving.... or maybe both.

slappay2994d ago

So they mutations kind of messed up their lungs. Thats why they wear special breathing masks on Vetka AND Helghan.

Maybe Sev and the team are suffering some mutations too? Or maybe its just an undercover mission...which would still be sweet as fuck

Giriath2994d ago

Looks like a big machine gun to me, with some spikes on it for added effect.

crazydrummerlad12994d ago

dammm look at the helgast character models!! they look SICK!!!

The_Firestarter2994d ago

That is NOT a chainsaw, I can promise you that. Those are bullets on a feeding belt being pulled up into the barrel from the bottom of the gun and the spent shells are expelled out the right side of the weapon. Trust me, that is NOT a chainsaw.

TheBand1t2994d ago

Pretty sure the bottom picture is a Helghast ship

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DatNJDom812994d ago

Quality slaps them right in the face and the haters cant stop hating. LOL. Look at those hater comments. So many butthurt 360 fanboys....... Just get a PS3 and ull be aight.

deafwing2994d ago

can't wait .. it needs to be released next week.

stevenhiggster2994d ago

Dunno about the stealth stuff, maybe he's puttin on the helmet because he's realised that the UCN and ISA screwed over the Helghast and he's switching sides? maybe just so he can kill Rico :-)

SuperbVillain2994d ago

lmao,that would be hilarious!

GeneralCole2994d ago

That would be the best part out of the whole game

deafwing2992d ago

... that would be funny ...

"die you silly over the top potty mouth "


I never got why he just up and took out the main villain anyways ... weren't his orders to bring the guy back for questioning? I wouldn't mind if he wasn't in the 3rd game because it would make sense .. but it's impossible to court martial the bastard since he is stranded on Helgan with you ... so we have to put up with his shenanigans for another episode. -_-