DualShockers Review: Red Dead Redemption

"When talking about Rockstar’s latest triumph, Red Dead Redemption, it seems inevitable that comparisons are drawn to another prominent Rockstar franchise, the Grand Theft Auto series. Skeptics say that “it’s basically GTA with horses, cowboys, and Mexicans,” and while the people that think that are partly right, at the same time they are completely wrong. The biggest similarities are the obvious ones, which are the open world style and mission based gameplay. However, the list of things that make the title a completely unique and engaging experience trump anything that makes it similar. Red Dead Redemption isn’t an evolutionary step but rather a revolutionary step in the sandbox style action adventure genre. With Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar has once again reaffirmed that if anyone out there is going to “out do” them in a genre that they have pretty much created, they better try really hard as the bar has been set so high that it may just be out of reach."

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Hitman07692997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Oh man I want this game so bad!

NecrumSlavery2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

It's a very good game. I would say it's my 2nd favorite sandbox game this gen.
Between inFAMOUS & Assassin's Creed II

Kudos on the great review!!

iiprotocolii2997d ago

Currently playing the game now, and can say that the review is probably the most detailed I've read on the internet as of yet. The game is that great, and should be played by sanbox fans, and anyone who's been a fan of previous Rockstar games. It is definitely a must buy, and it will definitely be a Game of the Year contender.

JoelT2997d ago

I was laughing reading some of the reviews certain sites we're putting out. Especially when taking into consideration that only IGN had early review code, yet reviews were popping up day one. I love how people finished a 20+ hour game in one day and had the time to write a review, by paraphrasing the media kit that came with the review copy.

Either way, I took my time grinding through the story to make sure I can deliver an in depth read. I could have said more but didn't want to take it far past 2000 words. Just put the important stuff.

PS360_372997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I definitely agree and admire your preparedness for the review. But at the same time, I cannot understand how you gave the game a perfect score.

This game is absolutely fabulous, but part of the plot alone would seem to make this game less than perfect. A large chunk of the plot was very dragged out, to the point of being tedious.

I'm not going to give the game anything less than a 9.5, but a 10 is way too high.

Like I said, your preparedness for the review is very appreciated, but your lack of reluctance to give out the perfect 10 kinda negates that preparedness.


Either way, it is an awesome article. Bubbles.

Ninferno2997d ago

no game is perfect. so if we use a scale from 1-10, that 10 has to be attainable. we cant just say 10 means perfect, because then no game will be a 10. Instead, it just means really really really really good.

mikepmcc2997d ago

Stop criticizing other sites, when you don't even know what their practices are. You can't even spell "were", go back to school before you start reviewing games.

Ninferno2997d ago

great review, very detailed and to the point. i love this game.

Chadness2997d ago

I can't pull myself away from this game, it's like Rockstar put subliminal messages in the game to keep me playing.

taz80802997d ago

This game introduces sone great innovation to video games and will become a huge franhise.

bumnut2997d ago

whats innovative about it?

Its gta4 in a wild west setting. It offers nothing new

BeaArthur2997d ago

Have you ever seen a GTA style western that was any good? I would call that innovation. Plus the Free Roam mode is awesome.

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