Remembering Shenmue

That Gaming Site writes: "Yu Suzuki; legendary creator of Hang on, Outrun and Afterburner had a vision. His vision was to create something so accomplished that it would change the way we play games forever."

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Elven63034d ago

Great times with Shenmue II, that game was pretty random, it got to a point where I wouldn't be experiencing the same thing as a friend of mine playing the game at the same time would! One minor example is the guy who needs you to help fix the sign near the hotel you first stay at, I didn't get that event but my friend did.

pangitkqb3034d ago

On modern tech. Would be awesome.

Elven63034d ago

Shenmue Online was looking good especially when it was a "modern" take on the world of Shenmue II, if only SEGA didn't drop the ball and get it out in time, they could have had a great following in Asia over it, maybe they still can but the market is far more saturated now than it was in 2004.