Sony Steals Project Natals Thunder Before E3, Video Proof Is Here

E3 is right around the corner but Sony is determine to show why they are still a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

All the hype surrounding Project Natal especially the announcement of having their own separate conference regarding the new motion technology shows that Microsoft is preparing to send a motion message to all the competition.

Sony is on board to make the first strike and this exclusive video footage of the new Kung-Fu Live videogame will surely turn heads and put Sony in a bigger position in terms of true motion.


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whateva2648d ago

that dude really know how to name his News to get some hits!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I was wondering who is the autor with that kind of title. It makes sense, it is HHG!

darkmurder2647d ago

Good thing I didnt view the article.

inveni02647d ago

LOL, he fixes his hat at 2:00, and it's STILL CROOKED!

Anyway, I have this thing where I can't stand HHG. But I've really been thinking about it, and I think I could stand to hear what he has to say if he would just SAY IT. I mean come on...30 minutes of "Yo Yo Yo" is hardly news.

deafwing2647d ago

... like all the other devices.

bjornbear2647d ago

yo yo, come 'on man, yo, cmon man, yo don't be doing that, yo come'on, yo yoyo don't go saying that man yo!!!!! come oooooon *stupid smile*

sorry...i had to, please report this as SPAM x3 AS WELL AS THIS ARTICLE.

Hideo_Kojima2647d ago

I watched the first few minutes and waited.... waited.... and waited for some actual footage or news or something but he just carried on.... on.... and on.

Nike2647d ago

I imagine watching an HHG vid is like experiencing what Alex from A Clockwork Orange felt during his rehabilitation.

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MNicholas2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

But this game doesn't appear to be doing 3d motion recognition.

It's basically using "green screen" to isolate the character in the camera feed, printing the isolated character image onto a transparent "billboard," and placing the billboard between a couple of layers of geometry (buildings behind and railings in front).

The motion and physics processing are all 2D (simple 2D mask to pick up distance, velocity, etc...) and the environment geometry is a combination of simulated 3D (normal maps, etc...) and actual 3D geometry.

In other words, not quite what Natal is trying to do. Natal is attempting actual 3D motion capture which is why it can attempt things like 1 to 1 motion mimicking avatars (never mind if it works ...

This is also why remote play in this particular game, as the developer stated, would be dependent on controllers. Fighting a friend remotely, using the premise of this game (it's you on screen rather than an avatar), without using a controller, typically requires actual motion capture.

Having said that, there is actually a technically feasible way to enable remote camera based fighting while still adhering to the basic premise of the game. It just requires a tiny bit of algorithmic magic but nothing the Cell can't handle.

In fact, the SPUs have built in functions specifically to handle such algorithmic magic. Amazingly, a single SPU is about as fast as a dual core 3.2Ghz Intel Xeon in performing the main component of that algorithm.

Anyone who wants to know the secret can IM me. My consulting fee: $1.52 + Tax

MNicholas2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

7 disagrees and not a single counter-post. No logic. No counter-point. Just a fart of a disagree. Seven actually. Well done, fellows. Keep up the good work.

You're truly living up to the lofty expectations of your membership in the idiot class.



nycredude2647d ago

Maybe it's because your entire post is one big fart of a comment. Lots of BS with a youtube video no less to back up your rubbish.

fezthabest2647d ago

i think ppl disagreed with you because:

A)Sony fanboys disagreed with you because of the the first half of your comment

B)Cell haters disagreed with your last part

Karum2647d ago

I haven't hit the disagree button but you're trying to be too sensible in a response to a HHG thread lol.

The guy is passionate, of that there is no doubt. That passion causes such excitement though that he often ends up coming across silly in the things he says and how he forms his opinions.

This game looks like nothing more that a PS Eye game really, I've not read much on it but it's either just a PS Eye game or a Move game in very early development with no Move controller compatibility added in. Though I'm going for the former.

Crossifixxo2647d ago

I know that black is the absence of colour and that it absorbs light than reflect it is it why there are problems with natal recognizing people wearing black clothes. I donot mean in any racist form whatsoever, how would it affect black or really dark skinned people?

sikbeta2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

Wait! people like this dude above and His Wall of text Actually ARGUE [!] about this?

Come on yo yo yo Iz da Flip Flop Gaamaar Show...


Oh crap, I can't watch da VidiCle* :(

* http://www.urbandictionary....

krouse932647d ago

When you say SPU are you refering to the Cell's SPE's?

Old Greg2647d ago

First things first, none of us should be upset by this----HHG spits nothing but horsesh*t all the time.

Second of all Simulation Motion Capture is not 3D Motion capture. This is the same thing the eyetoy has always done, but with better visuals. It should in no way be considered "next gen" or "awesome". This is re-hashed BS on a shiny plate.

aliveinboston2647d ago

That's like the only intelligent comment here.

Fanboys on both sides are gonna hate this. LOL!

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avengers19782647d ago

Can someone please ban crap from the HHG. PLEASE, and THANK-YOU.

Chubear2647d ago

You got more in-depth hands on viewing of this game than from any media outlet. You have more in-depth interviews from the developers of the game than any major media outlet but you want to "bann this crap"

Gamers hatred is what will kill the gaming industry before the likes of HHGS could even imagine it.

Look how many sequels of great games was can't experience cause of gamer hatred. Gamer hate is what needs to be banned not small gaming media outlets.

Mizz_mai2647d ago

im a lil tired of the HHG hate its so 2009 he's as official as it gets,he talks to devs,gets exclusives,free games and such.......just don't watch his stuff or GET A LIFE

Hideo_Kojima2647d ago

I watched some of that video and I have to say the way he interviews developers is unique.

He asked pretty much every question I would have because he is a true gamer.

Yes the informality is kind of annoying at times but thats just the way he talks and he does actually get exclusive interviews so he is not just making things up like I thought he did from reading at the comments on N4G.

bnaked2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

You should thank the hip hop gamer for the exclusive footage!

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MNicholas2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

who are incapable of accepting different dialects? Grow up.

Let's keep the discussion on the content, such as the game, the interview, etc... rather than on racist or immature attacks on a legitimate journalist highlighting a game that he, unlike many so-called gaming websites, wasn't bribed to cover.


Looking forward to the idiot class knee-jerk disagreeing with this and my previous post.

nycredude2647d ago

HHG I don't have a problem with him at all, but to call him a journalist is a stretch. Also what dialect is he speaking?

fezthabest2647d ago

The main job of "journalists" is to inform the public, and as i see it HHG is doing that. Sure his grammar isn't so great, and the way he provides it might not be for everyone.

It's funny because almost everyone here hates him, but still come here to comment. If you don't like him, or the way he provides it then don't click it, or if your "mislead" by the title don't comment.

i wonder how much disagrees and bubble loss I'm gonna get from this comment

Christopher2647d ago

For $15, that's an interesting game, actually. Impressed with the movement and motion detection compared to current PS3Eye games out currently that really just suck.

KingME2647d ago

Here's what's funny.

Natal has been label and limited because you don't have a controller. Yet, this game with no controls is getting praise. I wish that you guys would make up your minds.

omegaheat2647d ago

That was by no means on the same technological level as the Natal. The character was two dimensional, nothing short of what could be done using a cheap green screen. The collision detection was horrible. That type of gameplay was possible with the PS Eye several years ago. So misleading to compare skeletal tracking with infrared technology that can detect dept of field in a 3D space. I'm about to show my age by saying that it looked like the digitized graphics era of Mortal Kombat's glory days. Hip Hop Gamer, please do yourself justice and don't talk about things that you don't understand. signed Omegaheat "I'm calling all fanboys out"

tmt3452647d ago

how do we block HHG? i'm so sick of getting excited only to find out where the news came from :(

we were promised this feature but we never got it.

tigerstyle2647d ago


Atleast this guy has the balls to speak out and contribute unlike his haters who SIT on their computer chair all day long and talk smack on the internet about the people who are actually doing something.

Wow... get a life people.

Watch his show if you want to, he's not forcing you to do it.

Lifendz2647d ago

inadvertently kicks a hole in his tv. Oh man, Natal and Move are going to be responsible for so many broken TVs, furniture, injuries to people, animals, etc.