IGN UK: Red Dead Redemption Review

At the outset Red Dead Redemption promises to be GTA on horseback. Several hours later it goes on to fulfil that promise and then top it. This is so much more than a mere retooling of Rockstar's tried and tested open world formula – it's an artful take on a world long lost, an evocative paean to not only the Western genre but also to the beautiful expanse of the American landscape. Even better though is that under that remarkable feat is a game that's been refined and revitalised, setting the open world genre free and creating an experience that's quite likely to be one of this year's very best.

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sixaxis2768d ago

has anyone read it, does it compare both versions??

BeaArthur2768d ago

I'm going to act like your not so lazy as to not even read the article if you have a question.

Akatosh Fury2768d ago

No, the review is only on 360.

IrishAssa2768d ago

I F***ing want it. I have to wait for F***ing Friday. F***.

BeaArthur2768d ago

I hope you don't have high blood pressure.

knight6262768d ago

why friday? u missing out of a awesome game i love it so far

IrishAssa2768d ago

Releases in Europe on Friday...

Anton Chigurh2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I'm getting it for my XBOX360.:)

IrishAssa2768d ago

I can't believe a multiplat is going to get GOTY and deserve it(Gta4)
Ps3 for me.

La Chance2768d ago

Here's a little secret for you: dont EVER say on N4G you're getting a multiplat on the 360...ever...

Double Toasted2768d ago

Yeah, this will probably be a hit on LIVE. I still can't figure out why people are still playing GTA4 online...'til this very day. It actually stays in the top 10 for the most part. To each their own I guess...

bjornbear2768d ago

?? why? he has more agree's than disagree's and no one has had a problem with him choosing the 360 version until you commented.

shoo, go away fanboy

@ anton: enjoy!! =) PS3 for mee

Anton Chigurh2768d ago

I'm sure both version will be good to go.BTW im getting it for xbox because most of my friends are there.

BakedGoods2768d ago

PS3 all the way dawg! Exclusive content ftw.

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Brewski0072768d ago

god dammit i'm gonna be broke... but this have to be bought lol! ! Ahhh!!

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Remmulak2768d ago

"looks at my watch and is counting the hours til it is released"

Rampaged Death2768d ago

Roll on Thursday or Friday !!

Crystallis2768d ago

Whoa! Tomorrow....cant...come...soon .....enough!

talltony2768d ago

Must really be good. I wish I payed for faster shipping off amazon. Dang it!

Redlogic2768d ago

i believe you can upgrade your shipping speed to release-day delivery. Go to Your Account on Amazon and click on open orders then change shipping speed.

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The story is too old to be commented.