Playmania: Red Dead Redemption Review

Spanish Playmania magazine has analyzed the game Red Dead Redemption exclusively and has earned a rating of 9.8, the highest in the history of the magazine.

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camelflequi2988d ago

this game will be awesome.

kaveti66162988d ago

This sounds so much like the pre-release of Grand Theft Auto IV. All the review sites and news media were saying that GTAIV was near perfect to perfect in their reviews. And then the game came out and two years later most of the people on this site are saying it was overrated and disappointing and repetitive and limited by hardware and what not. And here comes Red Dead Redemption. I don't want to be the pessimist here, but I think ultimately I will end up enjoying this game more than most because my expectations for it are not as high as that of others.

schlanz2988d ago

Anymore there are only two kinds of gamers:

Those who seem to enjoy most every game, and those who only complain about every game not being perfect.

Fortunately I fall in the first category.

Anyway you look at it, its great to see the game is getting really high marks. Just imagine what we'd all be thinking if the reviews so far were in the 7-8 range.

Faztkiller2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Does this confirm PS3 is 720p and It says the Install is 494mb I thought it was 700mb
EDIT: Shaman OK Thanks
the screens look great indeed this game will be amazing I can't wait till Tuesday

Shaman2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

No it says highest resolution,that means it will up scale native framebuffer res which is most certainly sub hd.

Non the azing.

EDIT. Dont worry,if game is(which most likely will be) 640p with 2xqaa it will look almost the same as if it was 720p 2xMSAA,you would hardly notice it even if it would play side by side.

EDIT.2. Guys bellow...the output that your TV will play is 720p,but native frame buffer is sub hd.Meaning bit less pixels are pushed to TV but still upscaled to 720p,hence the sign on box(720p).

I think UC2 actually says 1080p on box but that means that its highest res that it can be up scaled to,not native.

LordMarius2988d ago Show
Faztkiller2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

If the screens in the mag are from the PS3 it looks a lot better then that

EDIT: Hope it don't look like that I'll still get it but I would be disappointed with R*. They could just be some early build screens someone got there hands on

EDIT2:I play on an SDTV with component sometimes and Its nothing like that those screens look like they have no AA May just be the screen quality

ThatCanadianGuy2988d ago

Those are off-screen grabs from an SDTV with a component cable.

What do you guys expect it to look like?

LordMarius2988d ago

Thats why I said poor quality

anyways cant wait to try this

AAACE52987d ago

As long as you are talking about it, please explain to me how the resolution works for Ps3 games. When I turn it on and when i'm watching a movie, it's displayed in 1080p. But I played GoW 3 and the TV shifted to 720p. I haven't checked to see if the TV actually plays any of the games in 1080p, but I tried a couple and it drops them to 720p.

I'm asking because I was under the impression that all Ps3 exclusives were displayed in 1080p!

AKS2987d ago

Only a good PC can consistently render AAA games in native 1080p. Most console games are at around 720p. Most of the console games are upscaled if they are displayed in 1080p. WipEout HD and GT5 are exceptions, but even they aren't really 100% 1080p. Less graphically intensive downloadable games might be in 1080p, however.

Since you don't seem to be very familiar with the tech aspects, the important thing to know is that developers definitely DO understand what they are doing and choose 720p because that is the best resolution for their game on a console. 720p can look incredible. Look at Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, and God of War III. You should adjust your priorities and place how a game actually look in real time play to your eyes above a pixel count figure.

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NastyLeftHook2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

yes it is 720p hd. its not sub hd. regardless, it will be a great game. edit. seems they liked the game based on the review.

Nicholas Cage2988d ago

Roam” [HD ... Red Dead Redemption: Gameplay Video – Life in the West – Part 2 (HD 720p)Ps3 Version.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

And those screens it is from a screen, 480p resolution.
People just confirmed that. That guy need an HDTV.

The thing I am worry about both consoles. Is that Multiplayer is Powered by Gamespy, that service is bad at my experience of consoles.

If is there a lot of issues Online, you know why.

Akatosh Fury2988d ago

Thanks for the info. That screens were really bad.

ThanatosDMC2988d ago

Gamespy?! Crap, that means we're gonna lag. Also, some people wont be able to connect/host due to nat type.

GUCommander2988d ago

Great review. Wish it wasn't a translation though.

renegade2988d ago

Ohh man cant waiiiiitttt!!!!!! another awesome score .

halojunkie2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

gotta get the ps3 version even though i have my 360 for the exclusive content! heck yea! did the same with dantes inferno divine edition. ;) shop wisely. oh yea, 9.8! great review!

Koblec2988d ago

PS3 gets exclusive content.

Faztkiller2988d ago

I think he means he has a 360 for Its exclusive games

halojunkie2988d ago

im getting the superiour ps3 version. wtf! 360 exclusive content lol yea..

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