10 Cancelled Games That Had Potential

There have been some brilliant games over the past few years. But what about those that didn't make it for one reason or another?

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SKCShifty2715d ago

Duke Nukem Forever looked HOT yummy yum at the chick at the background.

mjolliffe2715d ago

It was so unfortunate that these games didn't make it. Especially Duke Nukem.

What amazes me, is the fact that Division 9 had a publisher and everything, but still didn't release. I'm also still hoping for Faith and a. 45 to be picked up :)

SpaceSquirrel2715d ago

It is a shame that Duke was cancelled after being in development for years

mjolliffe2715d ago

What was it? Something like 11 years in development. What a shame!

Darkstorn2715d ago

I'd add StarCraft: Ghost to that list as well.

CrimsonFox132715d ago

I came to the comments section to say this, but you beat me! :)

qface642715d ago

duke nukem getting canceled is no big deal it would have most likely been a really cheesy and generic FPS

arsenal552715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I was looking forward to Killing Day, The Getaway and Eight Days

HolyOrangeCows2715d ago

"Dirty Harry"
Freaking sweet. Dirty Harry is one of my favorite characters of all time.
Not completely convinced that he would make a great videogame character, but perhaps.

Perhaps Dark Knight not being made isn't that bad. It sounds like it was being held under too tight of time constraints.

FACTUAL evidence2715d ago

What about Red Wood falls, and war devil? Those look like it had potential.

dizzleK2715d ago

i watch the redwood falls demo on youtube and get depressed, it had such potential. the damage system in that game was awesome.

DeadlyFire2715d ago

3D Realms never cans DNF. When are you guys gonna learn that. Alot of people still believe 3D Realms is dead. Its not. Duke Begins still exists. Under Gearbox/Take Two/3D Realms. Legal battle has put that game on hold I believe. It would be nice surprise if it showed up at E3.

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Valay2715d ago

Duke Nukem Forever - Yes!

jjesso19932715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

erm what about the getaway and eight days they both had lot more potential than any game on that list.

there not hold they have been cancelled you email the head developer of eight days and he will tell same thing.


mjolliffe2715d ago

They're on hold, not cancelled, fortunately :)

ultramoot2715d ago

What about Project Offset? Was it really canceled, or just delayed? That had a big potential, being a PC exclusive(if I'm not mistaken).

kaveti66162715d ago

It's still in development. There were a few new screens released recently. Intel canceled the chip that Offset was being made to show off, but I think they will create another one.

despair2715d ago

Starcraft Ghost had huge potential.

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The story is too old to be commented.