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Submitted by gaffyh 3058d ago | news

WiiFit listing for $69.99 on several sites

WiiFit, for the Nintendo Wii, is listing for $69.99 at EBGames and Gamestop, which includes the title and 1 Wii balance controller. (Wii, Wii Fii)

Babylonian  +   3058d ago
Nice feature, but no thank you
If I want to work out, I'll go to a gym. Which I do every friday where I practice Aikido and for 1,5 hours and after that do some fitness for about an hour.

In the weekend I want to sit down, relax and play some games, like MGS, FF and GOW. Or if I have friends or family I play multiplayers games with them like fighting games, race games or shooting games. Why on earth would I want to do Wiifit on my relaxation days.

This looks like one of those TellSell commercials where everybody is wowed by the device and tell themselfs that they will buy it and use it frequently so that they can be "fit". In reality they use is for about a week or 2 and after that they never touch it again.

Come on now, it doesn't even look like fun. Trying to balance yourself on the thing and putting a fake smile. Let me see you putting a smile EVERY FREAKING TIME YOU DO THIS.

As I said before, If I want to work out I go to the gym. Don't go all TellSell on me and give me something I can really enjoy.

You nailed it right there.
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MyNutsYourChin  +   3058d ago
...and many people will agree with you but...
What's missing from your post is a statement about the hundreds of thousands of people who don't go to the gym but instead work out at home on their various TV bought gym equipment (i.e. 6 Second ABS, Core Sculptor, Ston-O-Max Turbo Body Toner, elliptical machines, etc. etc.). May I add they are all around $60-$100.

There is a market for this and it will sell millions. I'm not interested in the fitness part of it either but I know quite a few people who find it exciting. My interest lies in the potential of this board. I'd love to play a snowboarding game where I stand on this board and steer by leaning among other things.

Subsequently, I think it is priced a bit high, myself. WiiFit along with a balance board to retail at $69.99 is bascially saying, "Buy the balance board for $70 and we'll throw in a 'game' that you'll find little interest in for free."

It shouldn't be any more expensive than $50. Say $39.99 for the board, which is the same price as the Wiimote and $9.99 for WiiFit. Then take off $20 since Nintendo has made an outstanding profit on the Wii and they would like to give something back to the customer. So WiiFit should really be selling for $29.99.
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TheMART  +   3058d ago
WiiSh!t you mean

Really. This E3 wasn't about gamers for them. It is about fat housewives that need to loose weight.

THis is the end of Nintendo as we know it. Not for gamers anymore. For mindless fun and loose weight it is now.
Honeal2g  +   3058d ago
for once
i completly agree
felidae  +   3058d ago
wow ...
me, too!
TheGoodMART  +   3058d ago
For once I agree with you! Hopefully some day you will have a PS3 gamers tag underneath your profile. But that is asking to much!
GoLeafsGo  +   3058d ago
Will the japanese even buy this thing?
It's always been said that the size of an object is quite a big factor when someone goes to purcahse it.

And frnakly, this thing is larger than the 360, and probably more than the PS3, as well.
Let's see if Ninty can find us some hypocrites.
Bill Gates  +   3058d ago
Let the silly gaming peripherals roll out.
midgard229  +   3058d ago
dumb nintendo
why the heck so expensive for such a piece of crap. maybe its good for fat moms, but a true gamer wont focus purley on this, especially if its more expensive then a next gen game. and who gives a crap bout that add on for the wii mote it comes with
pwnaplaya  +   3058d ago
I actually agree with you. For about 70.00 I can buy equipment that ACTUALLY makes me lose weight. And not trying to be stereotypical but aren't they typically fit in Japan. Maybe Ninty thinks that they are not "WiiFit." It might actually sell in the US because we are one of the fattest countries. For 69.99 it should come with a South Beach diet plan too lol.
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Dudeson42  +   3058d ago
Whether you like Nintendo or not, you gotta just sit back and admire them. They sure do know how to print money.

Now give me SSX using the board and I'm happy.
PS360WII  +   3058d ago
well it's better than the $150 mech controller the original xbox had that's for sure. I'm really hoping for more use with that board. It's got some good things going for it.
AllroundGamer  +   3058d ago
WiiFit - the game of the year 2007 for Wii!!! :-D omg that is so lame, nintendo must be really desperate...
BoneMagnus  +   3058d ago
Look at the bigger picture for a sec...
The goal is complete immersion in a game - virtual reality, which will come either through a Matrix/Total Recall/Vanilla Sky brain plug in, or complex 3-D holographic projectors...the brain thing would allow for much more immersion because it could tap all the senses...

Think about it - how immersive is pressing a mouse button on a FPS to fire a gun? Accurate? Absolutely, but nothing like real life. At least on console FPS, my hand is kinda in the shape of holding a gun and I'm pulling a "trigger" to fire. The Wii turns it up further by requiring you to actually aim as you would in real life.

Anyway, the Wiifit, though on the surface, looks totally bogus, is a primitive step toward that future. We're talking a new level of immersion as is the Wii controller. It just needs to be implemented properly,and I think the technology is not where we'd like it as far as pulling off accurate lightsaber strokes.

I don't own a Wii, and might get one eventually if Metroid is good and when my kids get a bit older, but pay attention to the technology - once it becomes more precise, there will be a marriage to the type of games most of us on this site play.
aiphanes  +   3058d ago
The release date is in January its not going to come out before christmas..why?
Nintendo needed this thing to come out before christmas 2007...They screwed up...or the release date is wrong on the link...
pwnsause  +   3058d ago
so can we officially say that the wii is just not competing with Sony and Microsoft, but looking to bring new gamers into the market, so we dont say, "OMFG Nintendo is Pwning Sony and MIcrosoft, lol pwned!!!". because thats pretty irritating that we including a product that features last gen technology and facing it with the next gen competitors?
PS360WII  +   3058d ago
oops sorry for disagree. Yea I think everybody(MS, Sony, Nintendo) said that the Wii is not competing directly with PS3 and 360. Yes they are all game consoles but they all offer different ideals. Heck even 360 and PS3 aren't competing with each other. The companies are only competing against their last gen counterparts.
Odiah  +   3057d ago
The board thing could be amazing.
Especially a Tony Hawks or SSX game. And it will sell, don't worry. You people call this game stupid (I agree) but it will sell like woah!"
texism  +   3057d ago
So like...will they sell this at gamestop and ebgames...or at Sam's club? I might buy it.
ChickeyCantor  +   3057d ago
Even if gamers dont like it we know its gonna sell.
Although im wondering how it will work for games like SSX....
if reviews are positive about this in the future i think ill get one.
B Man  +   3057d ago
This is not worth NEARLY that much
This is why I'm selling my Wii. This game isn't worth even $40... and I can't believe they have the balls to charge $50 for brain academy. They need to make these half-assed mini-games closer to $25.

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