NitroBike Screenshots For Wii

So you've read about this striking new game for the Nintendo Wii, but you still want to gaze at some spanking new screenshots? Well, no worries. CB Games have a nice little selection of brand new screenshots for Ubisoft's new racing franchise, NitroBike.

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GoLeafsGo3577d ago

It's Motorstorm, with just bikes, of last gen!

Go Wii!

And why does the map have so many straights?

ChickeyCantor3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Excite bike on the nes, ever played it?
The ideas in Moterstorm are old the only new thing was the physics.

plus the man of excite bike is working on this.

ITR3577d ago

I'm almost surprised this isn't called Excite Bike..because this is what I see when I think EB.

PS360WII3577d ago

heh cool. Motorcycle games are fun cuz I could never trust myself riding the real thing ;)

Odiah3577d ago

It does just look like ugly motorstorm to me. Looks like moto racer on PC. I'm a wii man myself but this is just poor. Ubisoft are sucking major balls on wii.

TheWiseguy3577d ago

More like ExciteTruck with bikes

Odiah3577d ago

Lol, so Excite bike maybe?

ChickeyCantor3577d ago

The guy that worked on excite bike n64 is also working on this title, so it might be something good.

and its funny people dont know about Excite bike...

30ROCK3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Die Wii Die.

Applause applause. It took a solid 3 months for someone to make a joke like that. I thought it would come soon, but I guess "Desperado" was too cerebral a name for Xbots and Ntards. I'm sure you've been dying to say that after you sleeplessly came up with that over the last few weeks.

Oh, and it's not trolling. Nitrobike = putrid, Die Wii Die = The Wii, The in German.

ITR3577d ago

Desperado is desperate.

Stop trolling.

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