Feature: BioShock 2 Marketing: Competing with History

The[a]listdaily: BioShock is, as much as anything, a series about familial legacies. The weaving story of the first game touched on personal relationships and parenthood and BioShock 2 is, first and foremost, about a Big Daddy trying to find his Little Sister. Consequently, the first BioShock left an impression on gaming that made things somewhat difficult for its followup BioShock 2. We talked with Matt Gorman and Tom Bass, VP of Marketing and Director of Marketing for 2K Games respectively, about how the first BioShock affected their approach for BioShock 2, and what they learned from marketing the sequel.

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sgw_dec0y2992d ago

I loved the original but felt the second one did not really live up to what I was expecting.