First Look At LOST Videogame Coming...

Rumors have stirred in both the gaming and television community alike for months now about a LOST videogame. It's not a question about it being a reality; it most certainly exists. It's a matter of not knowing what the game will actually look/feel like, due to the super-tight-lipped producers of the show.

The only people who have actually seen gameplay, aside from developers, are the producers of the hit series. The most anyone else knows is that as of right now it is running off of the Farcry engine.

HOWEVER, at least some speculation will be put to rest on July 26th. This is the date that kicks off the television and film version of E3... otherwise known as Comic-Con. The first preview of the LOST videogame has been promised during the LOST Panel's stage time.

The LOST: Season 4 Panel will be on stage Thursday, July 26th from 5 - 6:30 PDT.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4030d ago

Where are the screens if it's a "first look"?

Tourgasmic4029d ago

Read the full title and you'll understand why...