Virtua Fighter 5 on Xbox 360 will feature online multiplayer

There have been a lot of rumors since Virtua Fighter 5 was announced for the Xbox 360. Would there be Xbox Live multiplayer or wouldn't there be? SEGA, at first, said: 'No, it wont', but today SEGA confirmed that the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 will indeed be featuring online multiplayer duels over Xbox Live.

And that's not all. The Xbox 360 version will feature the latest update in playmechanics from the Arcade version. Also, the Quest Mode has been expanded, with more CPU-opponents to fight with as well as more objects and articles to customize your character with. That's not all because the DOJO-mode will also be receiving an update on the Xbox 360 version. New functions have been added, like: rankings, training settings, throw- and defensive training as well as a feature to adjust the opponents health and position.

Probably the biggest improvement will be the addition of online multiplayer duels through Xbox Live. Players can compete 1-on-1 with any player from around the world. Players can choose from a total of 17 different characters, which are all individually customizable. Each character has four different costumes but more costumes can be unlocked by playing the Quest Mode. Release: Autumn 2007.

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GaMr-4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

SONY: Hey wat gives

SEGA: This is payback.

SONY: Payback for what?

SEGA: You destroyed or baby "the dreamcast" you made us go bankrupt. With your dammn PS2... You even made Pete M. leave us.

SONY: Sorry.

SEGA: Sorry doesnt cut it. Your Sonic sucked and now you have the inferior virtua fighter.

SONY: Ohhh Well. Their is always Tekken 6.



SONY: = )

predator4031d ago

i wouldnt hold on to tekken 6 being exclusive for to long mate, the way namco are being with the 360, just a thought

tehcellownu4031d ago

they will have to do somethin to sell the 360 version..and the controllers for the 360 sucks..but i guess havin online is kool..but really dont make a one seem to care about this game..

Blankman4031d ago

have you ever played a fighting game on the 360. The d pad sucks so they have to use the stick really dnt knw the advantages of making a d pad the way 360 did theirs but wateva. I didnt get V fighter when it came out for ps3 and aint getting it when it comes out for 360 either. It would be hard to believe tekken made its way to 360 since sony gave them the cell processor to develop the arcade game. I would have to say Bandai at least owes sony this one

SDS Gamerfiend4031d ago

3 year warranty support to fix all of their flaws at their expense(now that`s standing behind your product!) And the best version of Virtua Fighter with online support WOW!!!

InMyOpinion4031d ago

Any way you try to twist yourself out of it, Sony keeps recieving lesser versions. Both versions should have online from start. Online gaming should be as evident as wireless gamepads this generation.

I think Tekken has aged badly, I'm more hyped about the new Soul Calibur game.

Keyser4031d ago

What up GaMr? Haven't seen you ine awhile. Always love the avatar.:)

Funny comment too. Where's the sense of humor around here?

As far as the topic, that's a good move by MS to make Virtua Fighter more marketable to 360 owners. It's a shame the same hasn't been announced to PS3 owners.

I've got the PS3 version so I'm a bit envious but I'll live.

BIG494031d ago

thats got to be the stupedest comment ever

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omansteveo4031d ago

SCORE!!! YEAH!!! ime definately picking this one up thank you Sega and welcome to 2007!

ps3gogetitt4031d ago

SEGA you idiots, you....... this really sucks no no no it wasn't on ps3 so it won't be done on the 360,,,,now screwed me sega you really did....if mgs4 goes to 360 that's it I am trading in my ps3 for a 360 (now that ms have that 3yr warranty for redlight problem)

omansteveo4031d ago

I feel you dude i want a PS3 but if things like this keep happening its like really whats the point i cant see my self buying it for a couple games....and yeah f MGS4 Jumps then theres no reason any time soon i'll wait till its like 300$

CyberSentinel4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

and Xbox 360 STILL gets the better version.

...and what do you know, ALL them extra features, and blu-ray was not needed. To bad lemmings, if you want the best version, you got to buy it again. Same goes for your NERF'ed version of GTA4.

Laughing At Lemmings.

@12 SuperSaiyan4: Bubble for you sir.

@4.3: I played Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black 3 years ago, on a last gen system. [email protected]

You lemmings are just getting it. [email protected]

BTW, ...any word on NG2 on ps3? NO?! I didn't think so. Lal.

@4.5: Bubble for you sir.

@17 Tudors: Grats! Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones.

Loudninja4031d ago

Tahts the almest insult I ever heard,did you forget that the PS3 has other fighters?Tekken? All they can do is make and update via PSN

omansteveo4031d ago

Dude Tekken is dead and there is a new king of Hand-to-Hand and its VF5 and with the King of Weapons based fighting SC4 around the corner im thinkin Tekken who?

Azures4031d ago

Is it like us getting a totally superior version of Ninja Gaiden?

God of Gaming4031d ago

Sigma? You mean the remake of an XBOX 1 game from 3 years ago? ... ok I guess if thats what your going with.. I was over that game years ago.

Lex Luthor4031d ago

NG Sigma DOES NOT have the ONLINE Master Ninja Tornament that the xbox 1 verison did.

NG Sigma DOES NOT have the ONLINE karma leaderboard like the xbox 1 verison did.

You just PWNED yourself.

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ps3gogetitt4031d ago

out there, not even tekken comes close, you button smash your way through tekken and any other fighter but not vf5, gosh i love this play was all that's missing....damn sega dman

Loudninja4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Have you even play Tekken .Or are you just feeling the moment

Kleptic4031d ago

yeah seriously...

VF5 was pretty...but it has nothing on tekken in terms of combos...that is how its always been...countering is cool I guess, but it drastically slows the gameplay down...especially when you are playing someone that will never take an offensive...they just wait to try and counter...

even with online play for the 360, which I guess would have helped the PS3 version a good bit, this game is still a rental at best...

good news for 360 people I guess if they like fighters...Personally I am not the least bit excited for Tekken 6 either...hopefully that goes to the 360 also so more people can play it too...I would trade Tekken 6 for a ps3 version of Ace Combat 6 any day...Namco is confused...all their games should be multiplatform...

Marceles4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

VF and DoA are the most push button fighting games...there's maybe only 2 people on tekken where you can push buttons and actually do something, everyone else will only do one or 2 punches or kicks at a time. But DoA and VF...punch punch punch kick...punch punch punch sweep...punch punch punch..punch punch zzzzzz

sticky doja4031d ago

Big disagree there. I didn't play Tekken 4 or 5 all that much because I thought Tekken Tag was the greatest ever, but out of the 30 or 40 people I had played against in that game I could kick all of there tails....and that game for me was button mashing at its finest. Could button mash with any character and do combos all day long, especially Jin/June/Lei/Bryan/Eddie. Very few characters if any you couldn't button mash your way to victory.

DoA 4 very different, havent played VF5 yet but will pick it up since it will have online.

Oh and NAMCO bring back tag options in TEKKEN 6!!!

Marceles4031d ago

there is alot of variety in tekken though, as to most of the other fighters on VF and DoA can get away with a punch punch low kick combo, not everyone can do that in tekken.

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