Crysis to Launch on September 11? reports:

"Gamers, rejoice! Thy God hath bestowed His merciful hand upon thy humble heads, and yes, thou shall be able to play Crysis this fall!

That's right, your prayers have been listened: after an eternity of waiting, numerous delays and jaw-dropping videos depicting CryENGINE 2's outstanding performances, EA has finally launched the Crysis official site, available at BTW, you should all get the wallpaper and beware of the more detailed in-game movies…

But besides the novelty brought by the site's launch, there's one aspect we should all praise: Crysis is now scheduled for this autumn! (It's about time, Blizzard would say…) If you'll take a look at the "Features" section of the site, you'll notice that in the upper left corner of the screen there's a hint concerning the ship date, which is… you guessed it, "fall 2007"!

That doesn't necessarily remove the doubts that are still hovering over the highly-anticipated game (I've seen Crytek's developers saying that Crysis will come out in "early 2007"…), but it's still the first credible sign (since it's on the official site…) that Crysis is approaching the finish line. What more do you need when you have even the pre-orders section ready…

Speaking of pre-orders, Amazon is already offering the game indicating that the launch date is September 11! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this, but there you have it: the game will have a price of $49,99 and eager customers who pre-order it will also get a redemption code and instructions for downloading the unlockable "NK Amphibious APC"- a vehicle kept secret until now in all Crysis previews. EBGames and GameStop are also pointing to the fact that Crysis will land on stores' shelves as early as September 11, while "postpones" the European debut all the way until September 14."

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techie4033d ago

Don't think that counts as duplicate TnS, since this website has sourced from both the official website, and four other websites. In the article you provide it was very tentative, whereas this one provides many more sources in order to cement the date - sources of which I think PC owners will be interested in....since I know this increases my convidence muchly in the date September 11th for Crysis.

Thanks, Deep.

MK_Red4033d ago

Wow, I thought it was a 2008 game. Cant wait but sadly I know my pc cant even run this game let along in all its DX10 glory.

The_Firestarter4032d ago

I will show my patriotism by buying Crysis, and kicking some North Korean ass!

j/k j/k

Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with this game being released on 9/11. Of course I will never forget what happened, but still, if a game is released on September 11th, then I don't see a big deal. People just think, because of the release date, buyers would completely forget the fact it IS Sept. 11th. If anything, it'll help them remember.

I hate how people get so pushed out of shape over small things as this, release date conflictions. Other than that, I mourn and pity the deaths of those poor victims. :(