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Back in 2005, Quantic Dream released Indigo Prophecy. It was their attempt to do what few developers have tried to do since the full motion video era of the mid-90s' -- an interactive drama. Quantic Dream has decided to take another stab at making an interactive drama with the release of the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Heavy Rain. Fandel Mulkey of Gametactics lets us in on if Quantic Dream has pulled it off in Heavy Rain.

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Xwow20082983d ago

i see the the words heavy rain i feel really sad because i don,t want to play it after some !#[email protected]$ ppl spoiled the killer name :((

Cregan45842983d ago

In my ending, Ronald McDonald was the killer. Never saw it coming.

jahcure2983d ago

going to play it and enjoy it. I suggest you do the same

pimpmaster2983d ago

i didnt get it spoiled but i was like WTTFF!!!??!!??! when the game revealed the killer.its makes no sence, when u look at what he did in the past that he be the killer.

kneon2983d ago

Actually I thought it did make sense and was my prime suspect pretty early in the game. There are a lot of clues pointing out who the killer is if you pay attention.

Redempteur2983d ago

according to penny-arcade .. kratos is the killer

well i suggest you to play the game and figure out for yourself

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N4BmpS2983d ago

Kinda Late to the party but that's cool extra incentive for the games positive reviews.

Dsnyder2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Feels good to walk into a Heavy Rain review without bungie screwing up the comments section. *Holds up middle finger at bungie who is obviously still watching us*

Anyway great game. Too bad mankind as a whole was not intellegent enough to understand it. I blame MW2 for dumbing down the gamer population.

Oh btw the killer is Chuck norris. Seriously.

Ngai2983d ago

It's a game i think of every day. That's a good job. Very memorable. Got the soundtrack too now, it's nice. It's a very negative game, maybe that's why. Negative feelings are stronger feelings.

sid4gamerfreak2983d ago

Its a very memorable game which really engaged with its brilliant storytelling and its unique gameplay mechanics not seen in many games. The fact that David Cage has done something new and made it successfully, shows that Heavy Rain is one of the best games ever made, in my opinion.

Yuprules2983d ago

I totally agree, a very unique game with an amazing story. I hope for another similar game from the company.

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