Halo Reach Armor Abilities

A newly compiled list of all the known abilities that will be available in halo reach. This Armor abilities will be just like perks from Call of Duty.

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omodis4203172d ago

such a cod rip off lol and gears of war with that leap ability whcih is just like rolling

SOAD3172d ago

Well, there are certain aspects of COD which are cool. It might be a copy of their stuff but other games copy COD as well. Uncharted 2, which I love has all these abilities you can purchase as you progress in rank. I think that's taking a leaf out of COD as well.

Blaze9293172d ago

lmao what kind of list is this? Bungie reveal this? How the hell is leaping an armor ability. Sprint is just a new feature period, not an armor ability. Camo and Overshield are pickups that have been in every halo game besides ODST and Halo Wars.

That list is ridiculous.

Fanb0y3172d ago


Sorry man. Sprint is an armor ability.

Aaroncls73172d ago

If they are ripping another game off that game would be Crysis.

Stealh camo, maximum strength (high jump), super speed (sprint boost), maximum armor.

captain-obvious3172d ago

sorry but
im i the only one that feels that they ripped-off the jetpacks from warhawk?

DSI3172d ago

No actually they are ripping off wolfenstein and doom, because they are using guns. Guys, please shut your whiny arses up. You sound like a bunch of little crybabies.

New policy for N4G: NO MORE B!TCHA$$NESS!

Xi3172d ago

I love the jetpack and bubble shield perks on cod4. Bit over powered though.

Shepherd 2143172d ago

Nope son. Jetpacks have been apart of the Halo universe since Halo 2 in 2004, three years before warhawk. Only now can players actually use them. Warhawk actually copied off of Battlefront and Battlefield if you want to pull stuff like that out of your ass.

captain-obvious3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

i didnt know that

edhe3172d ago


Come on folks, stop feeding the trolls, report them as spam or OT instead.

SixZeroFour3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

@Blaze929 - sorry to say, but hes pretty spot on so far with what was shown, dont know where he came up with the other unknown ones...sprint IS an armor ability

@captain-obvious - i thought elites with jetpacks have been with halo since CE, maybe im wrong? way before 2007 warhawk, if thats the one you are talking about

and now my points...i just remembered what this guy on was saying about only elites rolling in the multiplayer trailer, then looked closely at those icons...did anyone notice that the supposed rolling icon is a teal color while the rest are all blue...also that spartans hud is blue and elites are teal, maybe he was on to elites having a couple abilities for their own class, spartans having a couple for their own, and a couple shared amongst both species...because he also pointed out that the elites ARE way larger than the spartans as well and that would make them have a bigger area to shoot at, so they are given some incentive to choose that class

hellraiserpop3172d ago

The teal colored HUD is from the older builds. Yes, older than these blue colored pre alphas. They mentioned it in one of their weekly updates quite a while back. Essentially, most of the stuff you saw in the multiplayer trailer was probably captured even before the first ViDoc.

SixZeroFour3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

actually no...the pre alpha build hud color was yellow and they changed it already...i would think the current colors are now official and the elites hud is completely different from the spartans

health bars and color of the huds are different, go take a look at some trailer analysis' they all point to the same thing in the recent multiplayer trailer...its only now that i noticed that elites are the only ones doing the barrelrolls and have that "unknown" icon which could in fact be the barrelroll icon, to possibly combat the spartans sprint armor ability (speculation) but the fact still this alpha multiplayer trailer, the spartans hud is blue and the elites hud is teal

EDIT: btw, im pretty sure the stuff shown in the trailer was from footage taken from the alpha testers games...they are already at work trying to get all the bugs and glitches dealt with so the beta release can run as smooth as possible

remember the teabagging glitch that some of the alpha testers are complaining about

palaeomerus3171d ago

Actually Halo:CE (the original) had invisibility and overshield as pick ups.

I'd say that Sprint and leap are more of a rip off of some of the the Jedi Powers in Dark Forces 2:Jedi Knight.

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swiftshot933172d ago

They HAVE to let you create your class like CoD, cause these abilities are all genuinely awesome and useful, it would be a shame if you could only have 1 character...

SixZeroFour3172d ago

i think they are going to go with bfbc2's load out method where between deaths, youll be able to switch armor abilities if need be...cause one of the analysis trailers pointed out that the jetpack disappeared when the player died in the air

pwneddemocrat3172d ago

halo is known for it's innovations suddenly, this game doesn't look like a halo game anymore
it just looks like another fps going for what was successful in the market and not introducing something new ..
i really loved halo 3 and thought it was brilliant, but this game just doesn't look like a halo game anymore

Fanb0y3172d ago

At the moment, it seems really... gimmicky.

But who knows. Maybe the armor abilities can be seen as 'classes'. Just see them something other than perks.
No other studio is better at play-testing/balancing/impleme nting feedback than Bungie, so I'm not worried about them ruining the game.

edhe3172d ago

Gimmicky would suck if the core game wasn't solid. We all know that a halo game will be solid, and adding 'gimmicks' will make it more fun & interesting.

Just hope they're all sweetly balanced & that the beta test will show up any flaws.


you have got to be kidding me....

does not look like a halo game anymore..

lol, while all the other haters complain that it just looks like " another halo game " lololol

You can't win with these people...

SixZeroFour3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

@DARK WITNESS - no kidding, theyll find a way to complain about anything whether the game changed or not

camo, bubble shield have always been in halo, its just now you can choose to have it all the time...sprinting is what everyone wanted...rolling and jetpacks have been what the elites have been known for for quite some time

as for the unknown armor abilities, i have no idea how he came up with those...holograms is a big stretch, and radar cloak has been there since 2 maybe even CE, all you had to do was crouch while walking and poof, you were magically gone from the radar

so tell is that going so far away from what makes halo fun?

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Fatal Blow3172d ago

I cant wait to play halo reach looks fun online multiplayer

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