PC Games Sales 80% digital In 2009.

PC Games sales now 80% digital. The Digital Trend is taking over. PC Games revenues are up 3% in 2009. Meanwhile PC retail is getting hit hard.

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champ213117d ago

Steam did annouce their sales were up 200% for the year 2009. Digital seems to be going strong.

Raf1k13117d ago

True but it seems cheaper to buy PC games from online stores. Steam had BC2 on for £35 while I was able to get it from for £25 which is great as I don't need to keep waiting for it to download whenever I decide to install it.

The one thing I think Steam and other such services are missing is the ability to sell on your games to other people. Even if they charge a small service charge I think it would be a great feature to have.

t8503117d ago

but but, pc gaming is supposed to be dead.

Looks live and strong to me.

Nathan Drake23117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

crysis-the most hyped PC exclusive in last 3 years-1 million sold

PC is dead.

Letros3117d ago

And they profited off those 3 million...managed to make the most technologically advanced game ever and made money off it, go figure, what were their intentions, crazy Germans.

tdrules3117d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

you do make a good point and I can agree slightly.
But Steam for me anyway is all about convenience, the Steam Cloud, the fact I can install my games onto different PCs quickly is what i see as something they could very well charge monthly for.
Also, the problem with Digital Distribution is that the service gets a cut, as does the Publisher, therefore the Publisher increases the RRP to make sure they make the same profit they would do if they were selling retail.

XxRoosterxX3117d ago


The whole point of digital distribution is to eliminate the used games market.

Download-only games are cheaper to make, that's why steam has so many sales. And they are harder to pirate, especially if you buy from a client like Steam.

In summary, no selling your games would never happen. You could sell your account, but that against Steam's ULA, and they will in all likelihood ban your IP.

EvilBlackCat3117d ago

@ NathanDrake

"crysis-the most hyped PC exclusive in last 3 years-1 million sold. PC is dead"

well more like this

"crysis-the most hyped PC exclusive in last 3 years and still kicking today games ass"


Raf1k13117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I understand your point of view and Steam is a great service but TBH when it comes to new (just released) games it's usually cheaper to buy from online stores.
Some games allow you to activate on Steam (e.g. UT3) which is great as it gives you the benefit of being able to install quickly from disk while still having the option to download if you lose the disk.

I don't know about getting rid of the used games market but I personally don't see anything wrong with allowing people to trade their games. The service can include a service charge which is fine by me but it's likely Publishers will want a cut too so I think such a thing should be trialled first to see if it works out for everyone involved.

As for download only games costing less the only thing they save money on is the cost of getting the game onto disk and maybe shipping. Actually making the game would cost the same either way as far as I know.

pangitkqb3117d ago

And yet hard copies still make up roughly 50 % of my PC gaming Purchases. I bought a copy of Battlefield Bad Company 2 from Best Buy.

FragGen3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

@1.5: Right! And that's why they're making Cry2 a console game! Oh wait... nevermind.

FWIW, 100% of my PC purchases last year were digital (Steam). I tend to bargain shop for the PC on Steam, though. I rarely buy day one or preorder PC stuff. Maybe BF3, I will.

avengers19783117d ago

PC is dead, just look at what goes on, games are developed for consoles first and then ported to pc, the games on steam, and gametap, and other services like that all have console games, and sometimes you have to wait for a month or a year to play games that were launched on the console. Plus pc games mostly fit a specific fan for a specific game, WoW, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, The Sims.

The only thing that keeps pc gaming going is the fact that basically everyone on the planet has a pc.

ryuzu3117d ago

So much ignorance about PC gaming in some of these comments - if you think PC gaming is dead then you are not a gamer; it's as simple as that.


XxRoosterxX3117d ago


There is nothing wrong about trading games,but it's not in Valve's or any publisher's best interest to let people trade games, even if there was a small fee.

Why let a person buy a game for $50 and charge them like $20 to trade when they could just force the two of you into buying a copy of the game for full price ($50 X 2 = $100, $100 > $70)

And also have you ever seen a Gamestop sell used PC games?

The answer is no, because they'd have to keep track of CD Key and other stuff they don't want to deal with.

Raf1k13117d ago

I live in the UK so we don't have Gamestop here but you're right I don't see it in Game, Gamestation or any other store we have here but I do see games being sold at CEX.

What you've said does make sense but it would be good to be able to have that option. It's just a shame that it's not something that's likely to happen.

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Letros3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Wonder if Valve will ever release sales quantity for Steam, seems to be really no need to other than to debunk the myth that PC gaming is dying.

Steam has streamlined PC gaming, granted it wasn't long ago an unfamiliar person might have frustrations with it, but now it's so easy a caveman could do it, but a PC made of stone might now power up so well...

Captain Tuttle3117d ago

More money for developers. Cut out the middle man.

Wikkid6663117d ago

What... what? Games can be digital? According to PS3 fanboys a good game can only come on Blu-ray. Digital downloads and streaming are the future... and I welcome it.

AssassinHD3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Congratulations on being the first person to make mention of a console in this PC article. The link to the Xbox 360 section can be found on the blue bar below the ad space up top.

Wikkid6663117d ago


Congratulations on not being able to read. It's under the Game Industry Section! and it was sarcasm. FNR!

AssassinHD3117d ago

It was not sarcasm. It was an attempt at trolling. I don't care what section it is under. The fact that this article is in the industry section does not make it ok to make off topic flame bait comments.

Corrwin3117d ago

I remember the days when game stores were halved - one half (if not more) was PC games, the other was ALL of console games. Nowadays you'd be pressed the find a store that has more than one wall dedicated to PC games.

It's a shame. I loved browsing all those large boxes, it just seemed magical compared to the uniform SNES, Mega Drive boxes. It was like browsing in a book store - you're eyes being caught by a peculiar box.

Now they all look alike, and in many ways, with the death of many a genre, they're all starting to play alike too :|

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