Square Enix updates NieR website

Janelle Hindman of RPG Land: "The Japanese Nier Gestalt/Replicant website was updated recently with two new promotional videos: one for each game. Gestalt's video contains English dialogue snippets, whereas the Japan-only Replicant has the expected Japanese dialogue. The website also posted information about the official soundtrack, which will go on sale for 2800 yen on April 21, the day before the games' Japanese release. Nier Gestalt will be released as merely Nier for Xbox 360 and PS3 in North America on April 27."

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GameGambits2905d ago

While most gamers who have seen anything for this game online thinks it will most likely fail...the music will not. Easily the best RPG soundtrack from SquareEnix in a LONG time.

SE really botched up with this by not bringing Replicant to the west...anyone interested in Nier and RPGs for that matter(west or otherwise) will prefer Replicants Nier design a lot more. It wouldn't have been a big deal if the western Nier for Gestalt was at least bad ass looking...but giant bug eyes, weird hair-do, and some jacked up dumb eye patch = 100% art direction fail.

If they were trying to attract the western shooter fans by his They just need to accept RPGs are NOT for everyone, and should continue to please the ones who DO buy them. More will follow suit as time goes by and geekness rules all.