Gamespot Project Sylpheed Hands-On

You may remember Silpheed as the 1988 PC side-scrolling shooter that looked intriguingly 3D for a game of its time. Or perhaps you remember it as the 1993 Sega CD shooter, which promised ground-breaking real 3D only to be overshadowed by a certain fox, now a star. The series returned with Silpheed: The Lost Planet, but it was met with as many jeers as cheers. So now that the aging shooter series is readying for a launch on the Xbox 360, what new course have Square Enix and Microsoft plotted?

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Captain Tuttle4190d ago

The demo was are really good.

ASSASSYN 36o4190d ago

All this game was about is moving pretty colors and thinking your flying in space...I say boo to it.

IQUITN4G4190d ago

Sooo nauseatingly japanese and cheesy over the top guff that was fine once but has now grown very old.Some jap games are great of course but not this.Game plays reasonably but i just don't care for yet another pointless story - give me characters i care about not ones that tick the boxes.