Best of Platinum Hits

RespawnAction: "Are you a gamer on a budget? Hit hard by the economy these days? Want to game but don't have the cash for the current stuff? No biggie, because that's what the Xbox 360's Platinum Hits are for. Hot selling games at only $29.99 each. Here are our favorite five Platinum Hit games, in no particular order. Believe us, it was hard to pick only five, but we felt we didn't want to overwhelm you readers. We felt five absolutely awesome games would make for an easier choice. Our choices, however, did mostly come from how much value you get out of it. So when you see the choices keep that in mind."

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movements3204d ago

Ah, deals, I love them! Nothing better than buying a game you've been wanting to play for long and it cost only $20.


respawnaction3204d ago

I'd say there is no greater feeling.