CrimeCraft Under 10,000 Users?

MMOCrunch reports: "I was browsing around CrimeCraft's website and noticed they had a leaderboard setup for individual players and gangs. So I decided to add up the numbers to see if I could guesstimate how many active players CrimeCraft currently has."

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Go Gaming Giant2864d ago

wow, didn't think they were doing that bad.

omicron0092864d ago

i know its only a guesstimate, but still that sounds pretty low.

Nakerman2864d ago

Hmm, it can't be that low surely? Be interesting to hear from the publishers to see if they have a number?

omicron0092864d ago

id like to hear from Vogster as well

RainOfTerror2864d ago

I play the game, and yes, it's low

Too bad though, because in spite of all its flaws, I enjoy the game greatly.

2864d ago
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