Diablo 3: Female Monk Revealed

After weeks of teasing and promising, Blizzard has finally revealed the look of the female version of the Monk character. The reveal came via the Jace Hall show, where some video is shown of her concept art. To the great surprise of most, she's a blonde with short hair!?

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Xulfxulf3234d ago

A blonde? I'm really not sure about this.

Leord3234d ago

Well, it looks nothing like a ranger type class, so what else could it be?

Cogo3234d ago

There is a certain global concern for women's hair, so I am not surprised.

I mean women feel like losing their hair is losing their personality, and many men dislike the look of a woman without hair...

Just a few thousand years of habit :)

Leord3234d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't call Diablo III a forerunner in the fight for equality between the sexes :P

Please as many as possible, more like it.

And frankly, I like her!

DJDarkstar3234d ago

Yeah I think she looks pretty cool hehe.

Redrudy3234d ago

I don't like her. It isn't how I imagined her to be.

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Medievaldragon3234d ago

I knew it. Jace Hall didn't fail us after all. He got freaking female monk screenies. Now that's a sexy monk.

Leord3234d ago

This might be an actual leak!

UIOP3234d ago

Nice catch!
Small leaked news is always better than no news :)

Holyknight30003234d ago

that tight seal on no leaks just had a tear in it!

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The story is too old to be commented.