Counter-Strike 2 Petition Explained

IncGamers got in touch with Counter-Strike 2 petition creator Sam England to get details on why Counter-Strike 2 needs to be made by Valve, and why it's so important to see a sequel.

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Leord3121d ago

Well, who needs CS2 when CS 1 is still so much fun :)

Rush3121d ago

Original Counter Strike is my most played FPS ever, Although I haven't been able to pick it up again for about 6 months now. I have been playing it about 4 years on and off.

Which is an amazingly long time but I am starting to get bored of it now. So yeah I believe they do need a new Counter Strike it will show all them COD players what a real FPS is instead of some silly arcade shooter.

Dev8 ing3121d ago

Yeah they should release Counter Strike on XBL. Although like Killzone 2 or MAG people will probably play it for an hour and then say this isn't like COD this sucks.

AndyA3121d ago

They'll probably do shiny new version of CS in the Half Life 3 pack. I'm sure I read somewhere about the one of the original CS devs working on a new MP shooter that looked quite nice.

Rubberlegs3121d ago

That's Minh Le who was one of the creators for CS. His new game is called Tactical Intervention which is suppose to be a spiritual sequel to CS.
They actually were working on a true CS sequel for a short time but it never got off the ground so Valve put it on hold. Minh Le left Valve after that and started up his own studio to make his own version of it.

I could see CS2 being release whenever Episode Three comes out. Valve always tries to include some type of multiplayer game whenever a new Half-Life game gets released.

TheIneffableBob3121d ago

Yep, Minh Le wanted to change the Counter-Strike gameplay a lot but knew that that would really piss off the CS community. So he left Valve and started work on what he wanted the Counter-Strike sequel to be. Valve is still free to work on a Counter-Strike 2, though.

Maticus3121d ago

Still enjoying the first one, awesome game.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33121d ago

Or at least, that's what I think. Valve are just a bunch of lazy devs these days. They don't want to compete. They'd rather release a bunch of mediocre games on their outdated graphical engine.

Its a shame, because Counterstrike basically made the tactical shooter genre what it is today. Games like COD and BF have it to thank.

Dev8 ing3121d ago

That's hilarious COD and tactical shooter in the same sentence.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33121d ago

oh god, another butthurt fanboy - I'm sorry CoD is a successful game and you don't like it. There are dozens of similarities between the two. I could sit here all day and pick apart the flaws in Counterstrike, but I would rather just enjoy it for what it is.

Harlequiine3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Sorry but I have to agree, there is no comparison between CoD & CS, including getting the advantage with tactics. I'd go as far as saying the only two things CoD does better than CS is graphics and audio, which is pretty standard for a game released almost a decade later.

CoD is successful, no doubt, but that's because of the progression system and people with an itchy trigger finger. Nothing more.

EDIT: And I like every single CoD I've played.. only one I haven't is CoD3.

JsonHenry3121d ago

I still play the Source version of CS.

DirtyLary3120d ago

Are there even vanilla servers anymore?

I went looking for one that wasn't 24/7 Office or Dust.

No luck, no one runs map rotations anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.