OXM UK: Mass Effect 2 Review

BioWare's sci-fi universe was exquisitely rich and detailed in story, and pleasingly deep in the relationships that you built with your crew. And thanks to the quality of the script and voice acting, even the minor characters rarely slipped into easy cliché.

Set in a huge universe, in which it genuinely feels possible to finish the game with a huge percentage untouched, Mass Effect 2 is a very similar game to its predecessor.

Great action combat with a fantastic story.

* Still gaming's best-told story
* Improved combat and balance
* Superb acting and script
* No horrendous space buggy

* How long until 3?

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LordMarius2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

lol, a clone account

@below, no thanks, both suck(me no RPG person)

GiantEnemyCrab2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I will play Ass Defect and you can go play [email protected] (Flop Action Game)

Seriously though, you guys are missing out on a great RPG. It is worth running down a rig or console to play it if you can.

playstation1232376d ago

I cant believe bots are still switching, M$ probably thinks were still in the 90's lol last gen console 3fixme.

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i cant believe droids are still using old VCR Tech to insert Discs, $ony probably thinks were still in the 60's lol last gen console BS3.

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I can't believe droids are still putting up with stupid mandatory installations.

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so close, can't wait.

FACTUAL evidence2375d ago

It's a fun game, i'm enjoying it, I'm only 3 hours through.

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