BioShock 2 review: Another one in

Another BioShock 2 review has arrived in the form of Xbox World 360's ten-page verdict, which is on newsstands today. Set your phasers to excited.

2K Marin's return to rapture is "every bit as engrossingly mysterious" as the original game, "if not more so," says Xbox World's 90% verdict, which calls the two BioShock entries "as inseparable as Daddy and Sister".

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dgroundwater3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Possibly "more engrossing" than the first! They also liked the multiplayer... I hate to say it but I'm starting to think the addition of multi was actually a good idea. Nah, I'll reserve judgment until I know the single player is a good length.

talltony3226d ago

Man I dont have the time to play all these amazing games coming out.

peeps3226d ago

can't wait. when listing my most wanted games for the next few months bioshock slipped my mind.

i wanna know if theres gonna be any differences between versions tho. i owned the original for 360 since obv it was released first but i prefer trophies. problem is the ps3 version of the original wasn't as good as the 360 version, hope theres no problems this time

Harlequiine3226d ago

Actually, the PS3 version is (very slightly) superior than the Xbox 360 version. It has some slightly higher res textures, and the addition of the DLC challenge rooms. That's it, but it wasn't really better or worse on either console.

I'm getting it for my PS3, I have the original on both consoles -- I wanted the CE, which was only available for Xbox 360, when I already had it for PS3.

BeaArthur3226d ago

Already pre-ordered. I will be interested to see if this game will be as engrossing as Bioshock was. The one thing working against it is that we didn't expect Bioshock to be as good as it was. We won't be caught off guard again.

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The story is too old to be commented.