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Motorstorm Update Washed Out

Network bug in patch is cause of new delay.

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HandShandy3662d ago


Motorstorm 2 will be out before this patch will come out.

DrWan3662d ago

The online play is very good already, just be glad they are constantly improving things..

Kleptic3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

no thats just it...they are not "constantly" improving anything...they are rarely improving things...

This is a patch to fix what should have been in the game that I purchased...this is much more frustrating than the Reistance map pack delays, because that is actually a finished game to begin with...

I am not a anti Sony D'bag fanboy (or anti MS for that matter)...I am a ps3 owner that is extremely annoyed be these delays for this game...the time attack is very needed to add some depth to the options of this game...

I am extremely happy with Sony's updates to the system...and extremely happy with the ps3 system overall...but software wise, its a wasteland right now...

both these delays have pretty much caused me to not purchase them anymore (any of the premium content for motorstorm, and the map packs for resistance)...that is an easy 16 bucks to go towards Vegas...had this bit of DLC come out when it was originally planned, like early May...I would have been all over it...but now they are bringing it out with some big new releases like Vegas and for me at least, the DLC failed...whatever division of Sony that couldn't get this stuff worked out right has affectively been cannibal'd by software for their own system...they had the perfect oppurtunity to release this stuff, and failed...

to top it off the ps store update this week is nearly as bad as last week...which was seemingly impossible...nothing at all worthwhile...and still no new warhawk beta invites...My wife and I are getting drunk tonight...

Lord Anubis3662d ago

------------------------------ ------------------------------- -----
Installshield wrote:
This is a patch to fix what should have been in the game that I purchased...
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -------

what fixes should have been in the game?

Kleptic3662d ago

the time attack should definitely have been with the original release...there is absolutely no way to pick and choose random races on random tracks with random have to flip through the tickets you have opened/completed and find what suits your request the best...its not complete...the time attack allows you to at least drive any car you want on the particular tracks...

with the shipped version of the game you are only able to race in preset ticket races determined by the devs...You can't adjust anything...want to race a rally car on dust devil at night? too can only race a bike or a mud plugger at night, but at bright and sunny whatever time of can only use a buggy...there are no options at all...the time attack will somewhat resolve the choices you have for just quick races...

the online stuff that they are fixing I have no idea...the online part is fine for now I guess...the lobby is pretty wimpy...but it gets you by...and the extra track? not really interested for now...the small amount of tracks included are actually acceptable to me because they are huge with tons of different paths...its the options in the single player department that really need attention...

JIN KAZAMA3662d ago

I really wanted to drive that big ass school bus, it looked cool as hell. Damn, evolution, hurry that DLC up!! I love this game, but they need to fix the cheating bugs in the online mode!!

ThisIsWaiting3662d ago

initially waiting for the console ... then waiting for games ... waiting for patches ... waiting for an online service ... waiting waiting waiting ... still waiting for games.

You guys are some patient people! Do you watch paint dry too?

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