Killzone 2 DLC Giveaway

As well as the recently-announced double XP weekend, Sony and Guerrilla will celebrate the fifth birthday of the Killzone series with a DLC giveaway.

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thetamer3308d ago

I won't be getting that. Killzone isn't as great as it was meant to be...

piramides303308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

You're right Killzone wasn't as great. Killzone 2 is a lot of better.
I have the 6 DLC maps. They are very good, but Flash and Thunder is AWESOME.
Kz2 is the best FPS in this generation but people crying about the controls better go and play MW 1.1..............KZ2 IS FOR MEN "NOT BABIES ALLOWED".
I'm joking.

TheFreak3308d ago

They are not expensive to begin with. Buy them mofoes!!. There are very few that are playing the DLC's, it's a shame...

mastiffchild3308d ago

Sadly I still won't bother as, for me, KZ2 died the day GG gave in to the COD babies who didn't want to have to learn anything new ever. NOTHING is too generic for these people and GG should have told them to sod off as it was clear they'd jump ship whenever more of their aim assist floaty nonsense reappeared. If only it was still like the beta with everyone using controls which fabour skill aboce pick up and play and a learning curve above feeling like you're as good as you're gonna be after a day or so.

Why do people want every shooter to control the same? Why would every game feeling the same be a good thing? The day GG released the alternative control patch was a sad day for those who like games to have their own personality.

Next time GG just have the courage of your convictions. Changing the options for controls wasn't ever going to keep people from going back to the easier games they already loved and meant a lot of us who loved the original concepts for KZ2 were left deflated and demoralised by a decision which baffles me to this very day.

gamingisnotacrime3308d ago

Before the updates i could spent hours online, but now is impossible. gimmick control updates and the respawn instant kills makes the MP a tragic loss

kwicksandz3308d ago

The terrible spawn camping and unbalanced shotty and rpg is what killed it for me. i hope they bother to balance the classes next time around. And anyone who defends the controls is a fool. the skill in a game shouldnt come from battling the clumsy controls it should be how you play the game.

HappyGilmore23003308d ago

too bad i bought all the map packs already. i guess the 100 people left playing killzone 2 will be happy.

HDgamer3308d ago

lol there is more than 100 people playing, if there was only 100 then I couldn't be playing early in the morning

pixelsword3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

will get off of the MAG beta for this.

Darkeyes3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Can someone who already have the maps confirm if we can play with the bots in the DLC map pack or no... I really love playing with the bots. You can PM me if you don't want to waste a bubble..

Either ways, if GG is giving the maps for free, then it's awesome...

DaTruth3308d ago

They have spawn instant kills now? I'm never going back!

table3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

stop exagerating the impact of the control patch. All it really did was make the single player controls work more like the multiplayer controls(there was an obvious difference on release). I really don't think the patch hurt the game at all, the controls were still heavy(which I liked) and it never once felt like CoD as people like to claim. The patched controls was the correct decision and I think people kid themselves into thinking that it somehow 'ruined' the game.

DaTruth3308d ago

The patched controls weren't all that different. I would still be waving my gun back and forth trying to shoot straight for the first five minutes of MP playing. After those five minutes though, it was pure slaughter!

gijsbrecht3308d ago

Yes, you can play with / against bots in the dlc maps

Chubear3308d ago

Don't understand people complaining about spawn point kills. You can't spawn point kill easily in KZ2. First you can't get into a base with those over powered turrets all over the spawn bases and even if you do, there are cameras in spawn points so people can see you camped there and spawn somewhere else. You can even spawn of your team mate in a random location and look around him before you spawn on his mark.

It's almost as if people who complain have never actually played KZ2 or didn't even spend 5mins with it.

You have spawn cameras, heavy duty turents in bases and loads of respawn areas. If you keep getting killed at one respawn point then it's YOUR stupidity not the game's.

Trebius3307d ago


You are absolutely right...

I get the feeling that the people complaining are just regurgitating the negative things theyve heard about the game to justify not playing it.

To this day I still play it occasionally, and I have absolutely no problems with the controls (old & new) i dont see why everyone else seems to complain about them.

Its a shame gamers all want every game to be the same apparently.

This is why games like CoD sell millions and Gems like KZ2 sell a fraction of that.

But no matter, us real gamers that can enjoy a game for what it is and not for what it "should" be (CoD controls) can continue to enjoy ourselves and not come up with every excuse in the book to belittle the game just cause it's too difficult for you.

There IS a learning curve...but once you get it, you wont lose it.

Thats the problem with some of you, you think you should be GREAT at a game 5 minutes into it.

gamingisnotacrime3307d ago

you describe it when players play the game the right way, but then there is a bunch of players that just go to their nearest enemy spawn point (red smoke) and wit in line, yes you can always respawn at the bases, but those are too far away from the action.

I was playing the other day and the objective was to destroy the enemy base, but the fighting took place in near by spawn points, where the ones who had to protect the target posted there waiting for the enemy to respawn.

BTW, insulting others is not a way to convince with arguments just so you know.

The game is great, but the changes hurt it more than improve it.

blogz4fanboyzz3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

you are one fanturd that really annoys me. just stfu ey. personally, i think killzone2 is one of the best on-line shooters on any console to date and i love it, but it doesn't mean that i think it's flawless coz it aint.

i agree with a few gripes on here, over powered shotgun, stupid rockets, the way some games turn into a race for the spawn points, some of the maps are poorly designed etc. and all this bullsh!t about the controls...they're not very good and i'm putting it lightly! i use a 360 pad for killzone, and trust me, i never finish below the top 5 ever, i'm good at the game and kick a8se on it, but i can see the controls being a turn off....especially if your using that crappy DS3 to play the game with.

raztad3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

A friend of mine game shared those map packs with me some days ago. KZ2 online is awesome but I'm having a hard time choosing what online game I want to play. KZ2, R2 (the coop is amazing), UC2, BC2 and MAG beta (MAG is pretty good, controls are tight and provide for a good change of pace). Too many good games, and so little time.

jjohan353307d ago

Hardly anybody plays with the Killzone 2 DLC. Even on the playstation store, the DLC for COD4 and COD WAW get sold more than any Killzone 2 DLC.

I don't mind weighty controls. I don't mind chokepoints in multiplayer maps. But when you have both weighty controls AND excessive chokepoints on multiplayer maps, the game becomes frustrating when it's next to impossible to turn quickly enough at these chokepoints. So everyone resorts to grenade spamming at these chokepoints.

Killzone 2's biggest fault wasn't the controls. It was the multiplayer map designs. I still loved the game though, but I can understand why it turned off a lot of people. Best graphics for console FPS hands down.

mjames40403304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

The map designs for KZ2 are the best map designs I have ever experienced in a MP game, everything is done amazingly well, and it is very balanced too. So I have no idea what youre talking about.

jjohan353304d ago

You are perfectly entitled to your opinion. I just don't like the excessive chokepoints. And apparently many people agree because hardly anyone bought the DLC map packs AND hardly anybody played them online. I bought all three map packs and I can never find games that use them.

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Maticus3308d ago

Not surprising, awesome news though :)

Hideo_Kojima3308d ago

From day one of steel and titanium dlc i knew they would sooner or later come out free.

Not enough people bought them I would rather they give them out free even if I paid for on of them just so that i have more people to play with.

Also double XP weekend everyone come online it should be fun.

Fyzzu3308d ago

Y'know what, that's pretty cool. Can't complain about free DLC, after all :)

Chubear3308d ago

Are you kidding? Have you seen the comments on here.

GG delivers a FPS unmatched in graphical quality on any console and the most intense atmosphere in a FPS. They then give DLC for a low price/free and naysayers go "meh, iz teh desperate. That's crap"

... but another developer gives you DLC that looks like a game from 2 yrs ago and charges 60bucks and it's "OMG IZ TEH GOTY!"

and you wonder why developers will look at screwing over gamers if they see an opportunity to? Gamers this gen have got to be the dumbest of any generation in gaming so far.

hatchimatchi3308d ago

i agree with everything you said.

cleanhealthy123307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

you kids just hate on games like Cod because its cool between "hardcore gamers" (lmao, i bet you kids suck at every online game negative k/d's and all) to hate them.

well, let me tell you, so far in PS3 ive played:

RFoM: 3.5 k/d- 30,000 kills in ranked, 2.3 k/d - 19,000 kills in unranked (best gammeplay [at this point], set up & most skillfull online game on ps3)

warhawk: 2.7-8 K/d 8,000 kills (fun but got repetitive)

socom: 2.2 k/d 3,000 kills (broken online game, everything lagged, took for ever to start a game)

CoD4: 3.14 k/d- just under 40,000 kills (just plain fun to play online, all the maps were excellent all the modes were fun, the gameplay was amazing)

R2: 4.5 k/d 5,000 kills (i stopped playing, i thought the game bombed RFom was better)

Killzone 2: 3.1 ish k/d around 3,000 kills, (worst maps, worst controls, sluggish feel, but it did have the best graphics = NOT FUN, JUST EYE CANDY)

UC2: fun, but i played only a few games and dont even know what my stats are, i moved to MW2

MW2: 4.35 k/d just under 10,000 kils so far, (everything a sequel should be, better graphics, new maps, improved modes (HQ, HardcoreS&D) + new modes, new paerks features, many new features, knife throws, killstreaks (CONTROL AN AC130, BE A choppa gunna, EMP, NUKE THE DAMM GAME) and best of all THE GAME HAS A FREAKING 3RD PERSON FEATURE, thats a TPS & FPS in one game)


MW2 ≥ RFoM > CoD4 > UC2 > Warhawk > R2 > Killzone 2 > socom (this gen)> MAG (im in the beta, sh1t sucks, its a BF wanna be that just fails)

just because it looks fun doesnt make it good, that game has horrible gameplay and isnt fun at all, not even from a competitive standpont like in GB, (strangely enough i enjoyed the first Killzone more, and even played it on GB, nMe owned all in that game)

chidori6663308d ago

knew that guerila games would not abandon us.