Assassin's Creed 2 statues/puzzles/glyphs/feather locations interactive map

Msxbox-World have posted an interactive map to help all of you assassins hunt down the game's feathers and other items.

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foxtheory3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

this outta help, but I won't use it unless I'm in dire need (aka when I finish the game). It's more fun to hunt em down with no help, especially the glyphs.

ballsofsteel3193d ago

after getting on teh glyphs there is one thing i will suggest definetly get the glypths as you find the building their located on cause once you discover them there is now way to find where that building is again. this really pissed me off cause after i finished the story i went back to find all the glypths it was an absolute pain in the ass finding them mainly becuase i had found the building there were on before but i wasn't able to find them again

also a couple of glypths that are actually on a building next to the building that the database tells you so make sure you check those

Altourus3191d ago

You can open up the database > Locations then select which city, It will show you which building still have glyphs, then when you walk up to them the database entry will pop up again. Also the only one that I found which had the glyph attached to a different building was the port. It had the glyph on the lighthouse nearby.

ballsofsteel3191d ago

thats what i'm saying in order for you to find the building again you have to wander around until it pops up but there are alot times where the game won't tell you that your near one(atleast for me). i really don't under stand why they weren't marked on the map

Magnus3193d ago

I am in Venice and there is this one viewpoint a tower to a church I cannot get on tried everything for an hour and half

Ninji3193d ago

Do a few more story missions first.

PS360PCROCKS3193d ago

lol wasted time...I love wasting my time on this game it's fun, love to wander

clevernickname3193d ago

Which tower is that? The one next to the domed church? It can be climbed, but you have to maneuver around the tower to to find the next hand-hold.

I find the free-running mode somewhat frustrating. Ezio will run and jump like nobody's business, but when he encounters a ledge it takes what seems like an eternity for him to climb up. What the hell is he doing? Contemplating the universe? Thinking about Leonardo's beard?

halomoe3193d ago

The link doesn't seem to load for me?

RAZORLAND3193d ago

same thing. Took about 10 minutes to load but it worked.

Tex1173193d ago

Ya know, this game is beautiful, the detail is great, storyline is good, and all around very very cool.

But to be honest, Im just not having THAT much fun playing it. I feel as if Im more pressing a button and it starts a small sequence of actions. I rank it at like an 8. A very good game, but not amzingly ZOMG! awesome.


na... of course everyone is entitled to their opinion

I have to say I am absolutely loving the game. every aspect of it. i just can't get over how much bigger the game is and how much more they have improved it.

my only issue as at times the popup and draw distance.. although i can forgive it that because there is so much more to enjoy. I love the combat at sword fighting, love the fact that you have so many ways to take on guards now and so many ways to distract them.

one of the best games this gen in my opinion. it's everything the first game should have been and i like that it has more rpg elements to it now.

I actually hope the next one will be on the next gen of consoles. can you imagine what they will be able to do with even more power and disc space ?

just the thought of it, i can't wait.

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