IGN: How Uncharted 2 Can Fix Gaming

Gone are the days of pixelated mustaches and 256-color palettes. The videogame industry today is all grown up and finally armed both technically and artistically to compete with Hollywood. James Cameron relied upon Digital Domain, a special effects company that employs more than 500 people, to create the emotive aliens and lush scenery in his $500 million science-fiction blockbuster Avatar. Game makers, with access to budgets that increasingly top $15-20 million, turn to teams of artists and programmers every bit as gifted, as evidenced by the startlingly realistic results they sometimes achieve.

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Greywulf3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

If you can make a 1.5 rehash/dlc game for 60.00, and rush it out with a 20 million dollar ad campaign, why bother actually working to push gaming forward - when the goal for some is just sales.

When that changes, putting forward an amazing product & having great sales might be appreciated/publicized more than which game can beat a movie box office. I think we will see more uncharteds/killzones/crysises that way.

But then again, maybe this is the way gaming has always been. Especially with Madden. Maybe you will always have a handful of actual talent, and others with more advertising budgets than gaming budgets.

deadreckoning6663043d ago

Greywulf is right. Gems like Uncharted 2 won't come out that often. Actually, they may come out even less now seeing as how the mainstream gaming community doesn't support masterpieces well. They chose $60 DLC over Uncharted 2.

kornbeaner3043d ago

Agree with wulf wholeheartedly bubs for you.

CrippleH3043d ago

Uncharted 2 raised the bar and I hope other developers learn from it.

Dutch Boogie3043d ago

Look at these hypocrites. First they rat on ps3 exclsives then try to ride on it's success when all else fails. I thought Uncharted 2 didn't bring anything new to it's genre? IGN GTFO!!!

deadreckoning6663043d ago

How did IGN rat on PS3 exclusives? They gave Uncharted 2 a 9.5

kornbeaner3043d ago

True the score was high, but instead of giving it a 10 they found the most insignificant of things to bump it down. While games like ODST and MW2 get passes for being more of the same. I don't care about the scores myself but there should not be a double standard for any game, if you are going to bump one game down for small stuff then that should be your M.O. for all games reviewed not just a selected few.

pippoppow3043d ago

They are never critical about anything the industry does. DLC unlockables or levels soon after release, Games that should be DLC but charged full price, pay to play scheme, hardware issues and peripheral pricing. This industry exists because of us the gamers and I think those in the industry forget that.

Devs like Naughty Dog, Team ICO and Quantum Dreams are a shining beacon and should be applauded. We need these types of Devs who clearly love what they do and take pride in their products.

MajestieBeast3043d ago

Its funny that the devs that push the industry forward are working for sony.

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