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Submitted by Diselage 3105d ago | news

Titan's XFan on the way to save overheating 360's?

Hot off the heels of the Nyko Intercooler/ 360 Killing machine, comes the Xfan by Titan Computer Co., Ltd. Specializing in computer cooling solutions, Titan Computers Xfan is supposed to achieve that of which the Intercooler is claiming to do as well. (Tech, Xbox 360)

gta_cb  +   3105d ago
if it isnt expensive then i would prob get one. ya know just incase.
Pheneus  +   3105d ago
It's too bad
No one listed how loud it was...
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   3105d ago
nyko's intercooler kills 360's?!
lol i bought one the other day, it doesnt seem to drain any power away.i havent gotten any rings of doom. but it does contribute to an already loud console. damn it better not kill my 360 or ill kill somethin else.
Zinswin  +   3105d ago
I had one for a while
And that's the only time I've ever had a problem with my 360. I have a launch console that I spend a rediculous amount of time with per week. The only time I ever got flashing red lights (not the ring of death) was with the intercooler on... I believe the error screen was something like "E 62." Anyway, after doing a bit of research I took off the intercooler and I haven't had any issues since. It's maybe been about 9 months to a year since I took it off.
Excalibur  +   3105d ago
I'm gonna get
The Pelican Pro Cooler when is comes out in July.

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TheMART  +   3105d ago
Uhm that isn't a picture of the Pelican cooler, but it's the König 360 cooler with VGA standard connection etc.
gta_cb  +   3105d ago
i would like to have a look at one of these, like the reviews, any problems people mite be having etc, so can you please PM me a link to a website which sells it in the UK?
Rhezin  +   3105d ago
Ya same here the intercooler killed my 360 but after I took it off it immediately started working again. F00K u NYKO
snoop_dizzle  +   3105d ago
i guess im not trying this thing out then.
TheMART  +   3105d ago
You can try this one it takes power from the USB.

THe Nyko takes power from the powerplug. It plugs through the connector coming from the powerbrick. Which is a bad, bad idea, not intended to take power there and the connections are badly make by Nyko!
power of Green  +   3105d ago
#4 is that real?.
If so cool. I won't have to use my little tower fan.
gta_cb  +   3105d ago
you mean like one of those little fans out of a computer tower? or one of those big stand ones?
power of Green  +   3105d ago
Does MS and 3rd party companies even have double sided male tiped cords? and if so why?. I know the Xbox1 had a box and a double male end cord for component.
sonarus  +   3105d ago
Damn why waste your money i have said this before embrace the towels. I had to blow a lot of ma old nintendo catridges to work back in the day i remember to get some cd's to play on my ps2 i had to leave the console tilted at a 45 degree angle. All these things are part of a consoles life embrace the towels. Am pretty sure a problem for the PS3 but whatever it is i plan to embrace it... Do you
Bathyj  +   3105d ago
Why is this even nessecary? I thought it was only supposed to be launch period consoles that break down. Al these storys that keep coming out are just Sony fans aren't they? That makes this thing redundant.

Also does anyone know if it sucks or blows? Seriously, I should have worded that differently. If it blows air into the Xbox I dont trust it. It will just pump dust into it.
razer  +   3105d ago
Its not
Necessary. Yes, the other inter-coolers have killed 360's so you are asking for it if you add any of these "add-ons". Just keep the thing in a decent ventalated area and it will be fine. I've got 2 360's and neither have any problems.

And to Sonarus.. The towel trick is a horrible solution if you have a GPU error. Just take 30sec and do a google for X Clamp fix and you will find a solution that is permanent and easy to do(Costs about $8). I think your whole "embrace the towel" is some lame attempt at humor but if you are using a towel you are an idiot and will just fry your system. You should never super-heat your electronics ever.. pft.. no wonder so many are going on 3-6 Xbox's they have no clue how to take care of them.
FeralPhoenix  +   3105d ago
Funny stuff....
"Also does anyone know if it sucks or blows?"

-yeah Bathyj, you should have seriously worded that statement differently......ha,ha -lmfao either way thats the best laugh I had all day!

[Edit]^^^^^razer, uhm I wouldn't go that far....there are plenty of legitimate cases of the launch consoles failing and while not as high some later ones too and its NOT just from owners NOT taking care of them. -However there is cleary reason to believe its used as a weapon by some who pray for 360's doom. I do hear in some "very rare" cases that customers have tried to return 360's when it was evident they caused it to break (mistakenly dropped it) and even spilled beer on it during a dorm party (true story) unfortunately some dishonest people who will always try to take advantage of the situation since we live in a society where alot of people don't want to pay($$) for their own mistakes. Oh well, in any case I don't think this Titan cooler is neccessary although I think if done correctly it certainly could help alleviate heat which would extend the life of any electronics product. -Wrapping a towel around your console (creating more heat)is stupid....I can't understand why anybody with half a brain would believe thats its a long term solution, I think its more of a joke than anything.
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IBLEEDBLU  +   3105d ago
360 is ugly
its ugly design and huge power supply that u could use as a cafe table - with the wifi add-on and now this ugly thing - man! xbox360 is just one ugly looking system...i cant picture that ugly thing next to my black glossy sony xbr3 LCDTV noooo f@cken wayyy
level 360  +   3104d ago
They don't work
Better to put a small or big standfan next to your console for ventillation. Don't believe the label on the back telling the change to a slightly cooler temperature, because it's not. What it does is it { mixes and traps the hot air that's supposed to come-out of the ducts in your console ) which in turn makes it run hotter. Think about it - you put this piece of accessory in the back to cover the built-in fan that's supposed to force hot air out.

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