iPhone Game Developer Accused of Stealing Phone Numbers

According to a lawsuit filed in San Francisco, iPhone game developer Storm8 has exploited an "electronic backdoor" to steal user phone numbers. If you have downloaded Storm8 games such as "Vampires Live" or "iMobsters" your numbers are very likely to have been stolen!

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Madusha3325d ago

That's pretty stink for someone to pay money for the game and then end up having the game dev stealing from you. Why would they want to do it in the first place.

skagrerrrr3325d ago

storm8 games on the iphone are free

Madusha3325d ago

Yes, I checked the iTunes store, free versions are available but some you have to pay for.

Battlefield3325d ago

Idiots, of course they were gonna get caught. Stupid as hell, time for them to loose billions!

pumal3325d ago

Maybe if they didn't call it a bug no one would of known.

Madusha3325d ago

I'm surprised why Apple does not check through all the games for such 'bugs'.

Elven63325d ago

That's a pretty funny bug, what kind of bugs

1. Know the exact location of your iPhone/iTouch contacts
2. Know to check for them everytime the app is loaded
3. Know to send said data to a remote server
4. Remote server knows how to accept aforementioned data and store it locally.


skip2mylou3325d ago

this is a low for a developer for iphone/ipod touch gaming shame on him

Fatal Blow3325d ago

Damn u can't believe people these day's

these people need to go to jail and learn what they have done is wrong

lucky for me did not buy any of these game's

and my phone number is worth few thousands pounds because of the same numbers all the way

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