Fifth Diablo 3 Class Partly Solved

Diablo 3 fifth class partly solved by comparing image from official website, because only 6 character fit into the last Diablo 3 class spot.

Continue to read and find out what the last Diablo 3 class could be.

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Relientk773327d ago


I wonder if it is indeed an archer/ranger

Grandreaper99993327d ago

I'm calling it!

A true successor to the assassin. Traps, tech, and possibly dark arts.

They did a bad job balancing the assassin class in D2 (fire traps garbage, all other traps but lightning sentry, shock web at high lvl, and death sentry were garbage, but VERY cool).

The claw skill tree was completely useless, totally outdone by feral and maul..

The kicking was half decent, but suffered further on in the game, and only really good in pvp.

The Shadow skill tree had a lot of cool ideas, but nothing terribly effective. Venom was ok given the build you chose, but outside of that, not a whole lot from that list was worth pouring points into. Burst of speed was ok and fade as well, but they are one-point-wonders and have diminishing returns.

Since they don't have an archer yet, I'm better we're going to get an assassin-like character that focuses on ranged combat and traps since claws were so poorly designed. The monk is also currently using many of the charge-up attacks that seemed to make up the old assassin's claw tree.

I'm betting on a amazon/assassin hybrid.

I was really hoping for a shapeshifter.... but I don't think they would bother.

MurderMyDoll3327d ago

I'm actually hoping for a gunner, lets get some old time gunpowder pistols going with some muskets aswell, hell throw some bows in if you want but I love old timey guns haha.

emk20043327d ago

make sense to have an archer class but when the expsansion comes out there will probably be another 2 chars to play

Skizelli3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

This menu theory is nothing to go by, for the menu can be adjusted easily. But a ranged class is a safe bet. I've suspected a ranged class for quite some time now. It's the only type of class that's missing. I'm also willing to bet that it's neither a Ranger, Bowyer or Archer. Too generic.

Grandreaper99993327d ago

Yeah that's what I was thinking. I mean, if the game is actually a sequel to D2, then there would be SOME sort of tech right (if not more improved tech)? A ranged character with tech weapons seems like the only thing missing that would make any sense in the Diablo universe.

Xulfxulf3322d ago

I'm sorry, but that's just idiotic rumor mongering. Because there's no way Blizzard could change the font/point size/spacing of their website layout to fit in any length of character name. They have to pick one that must be shoehorned into the tiny existing space!