New Modern Warfare MP gameplay

A user and friend over at youtube has started to upload console HD modern warfare 2 videos..
You should check it out!

This video is showing the map ESTATE where you also see some predator missile launches and some killcam ac-130!

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WildArmed3327d ago

man I hope they have a Old School DLC mappack.. so all the CoD4 maps can come onto here too =p
I loved CoD4 maps.. jst hated host D/c error

Greywulf3327d ago

I mean... what changed from watching this?

WildArmed3327d ago

usually people stick with the:
'if its not broken, dont fix it'
philosophy. If you like the fisrt one, then the second one will do well likewise.
If not, feel free to pass on mw2. Wont be getting Mw2 on launch here, but will eventually pick it up. I owe the first game that much atleast

evrfighter3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

ZOMG new loading screen!!!

and the pc version gets custom features like mouse support, and in-game chat!!!! I almost forgot the custom video settings!!! /jizz


WildArmed3327d ago

lmfao @ 1.3
ahh.. gotta love a good case of sarcasm :)

presto7173327d ago

I smell a rip off. I think I'll definately be going with Bad Company 2. That looks like a much better game.

4Sh0w3327d ago

Great game, day 1 for me.

AKNAA3327d ago

even though I'm not getting this game, the 60FPS sure does make this game look nice

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gtamike1233327d ago

Looks like a average FPS not anything new...

iHEARTboobs3327d ago

But I just can't get over how badass BFBC2 looks.

DEADEND3327d ago

I'm getting this Tuesday night after class(I have a history test but the next day off from school and work)but when I watch these vids I see not much has changed. So what's all the hype for seriously. I've seen everything in the MP menu and it just looks more of the same, sure there's some new perks, killstreaks and some new maps but it really hasn't changed at all. I feel like IW took the easy safe way out with this game. Many devs out there have taken many risks with some great games over the past year like Demon Soul. Why couldn't IW taken the risk and changed things for the better.

Dutch Boogie3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

meh it's 2007 all over again. I don't know about you'all but i'm not easily impressed. For a game that costs us $125 AUS it had better be the best game on earth. Who am i kidding, BF:BC2 it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.