[PCGH] Left 4 Dead 2: Unfair performance benefits with cut version?

The guys at PCGH discovered some weird things going on in Left 4 Dead 2 demo when comparing the uncut and the cut version. There is some performance difference up to 40 percent. PCGH claims that even if you have nice fps overall with the uncut version, in critical situations this might give players of the cut version unfair advantages.

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Pandamobile3325d ago

Not really that unfair. If you have the uncut version, add '-lv' to the game's launch options and you can play in Low Violence mode.

JosefTor3325d ago

Did anyone find the Left 4 Dead 2 demo very boring compared to L4D 1? The developers took a lot of good things about the original and made it worse (except the graphics... those are improved). The gameplay just seems a lot slower. Plus, the new weapons just confuse me. Having a pistol, assault rifle, submachine gun, and a shotgun just made sense for a game like this. Who is going to use a frying pan when they could be using a pistol for instance. Why add an AK47 with horrible running accuracy? I thought this game was supposed to be a fast paced game.

Plus, a lot of the people playing the demo are stupid or don't know how to play. So many times my own teammates were killing their own team on purpose.

Pandamobile3325d ago

Sounds like you're playing the Xbox 360 version.

Snoozer2823324d ago

Yeah, the demo shows took a repetitive (but awesome) FPS and has made it dynamic and most of all, fun.

So I couldn't disagree with you any more.

PotNoodle3324d ago

After playing the demo on steam, i wasn't that interested. I loved the first left 4 dead but i just wasn't bothered about the second, mainly because of the stupid glitch in the game that slows the fps down to 20 (from around 150 - 160) everytime you go to the next part of the map if you have more than one ATI GPU's on a 64bit OS.

I managed to find a work around till they patch it though, just tab out and tab back in. Then i started to enjoy it more, i'll have to get it - just not straight away.

OpenGL3325d ago

I guess it could matter depending on the machine, but I didn't notice any framerate drops when playing the demo at 1920x1200 with 8xAA. Then again, my CPU is quite a bit faster than the two used in their benchmarks.

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Magnus3325d ago

I don't speak too much computer but I think I can translate it correct me if I am wrong so there is a dumbed down version and a good version of the game?