Crackdown gets HDD install title update

A new title update fixes the HDD install issue for Crackdown.

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KionicWarlord2223326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Good news .

Im going check how many gigs it take .


I cant believe my crackdown doesn't work :/

Crazyglues3326d ago

is that what you are saying...

I wanted to try this... is it working or not?

Can anyone confirm

KionicWarlord2223326d ago

My crackdown isn't working .

Go figure i guess ....haven't played it in awhile .

likedamaster3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

I have the preview program and still got the update. Downloaded to HDD, it's working for me.


Alcohol man. Or resurface that badboy.

KionicWarlord2223326d ago

I`ll try that .

Im surprised that it got to the loading screen then

"Disc unreadable "

Blaze9293326d ago

I always wondered why you couldnt install this game before - figured it had something to do with the halo 3 beta.

Ah well good to know that I can install it now.

@Kionic, check the middle ring on the disc, any crack or like...weird stuff? That's usually the reason for the "disc unreadable" bs that comes up.

likedamaster3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

"Disc unreadable "

Had that happen to me with Gears 1 on the 6th month of me playing. In the campaign, I couldn't get past a certain level. The disc was absolutely flawless. Right after the cutscene when Kim gets killed, it gave me an error. Don't know why it happened. Lucky for me, there was a checkpoint afterwards. So I just reloaded. Fortunately, it was the only time I ever experienced this "disc error".

KionicWarlord2223326d ago

Not working...

I`ll have to buy it again .

Two small scratches are on it .

RockmanII73326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Go to Play n Trades website to see if their is a store near you. They can fix any disc for $5. I just bought Crackdown and it costs $12 so at least try to save $7, but if not, $12 isn't that heartbreaking.

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halo2_redvsblue3326d ago

I have it on My HDD but I do have the Preview Program.

ReBurn3326d ago

Crackdown didn't really have significant load time issues, so I never tried installing it to the hard drive. No real reason to, really.

likedamaster3326d ago

The 'download to HDD' feature was not implemented for quicker load times(although it does benefit from it at times), the disc spins at a fast enough rate. It was for drive noise and less wear on both disc and drive.

KionicWarlord2223326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Also lowers game installs and reduces wear and tear .

There list of supported games .

The Great Melon3326d ago

Loved this game, It was the first 360 game that I played and beat. Anything to shut the 360 disc drive up is a great feature. My only bad memory of the game was that the disc spinning would never stop.

MGRogue20173326d ago

The whole reason for me trading in the game at my local game store was because I couldn't install it to my hard drive.. lol

Yep, I'm that scared of the RROD & I just hate the noise the 360 makes when playing from the disk.. so this is excellent news for me!! :D :D :D

In fact, I've just ordered a new copy, Can't wait to start playing again :)

McMee3326d ago

I'll have to go check this out, and get even more hyped up for Crackdown 2. E3 and GI reminded me how much I liked the first installment.

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