IGN: God of War Collection Faceoff: PS2 vs. PS3

While PlayStation 3 gamers everywhere await the March release of God of War III, Sony Santa Monica Studios and Bluepoint aim to make the wait just a little bit easier with the release of the God of War Collection. The single Blu-ray disc includes both of the original PlayStation 2 games, with both running in 720p at 60fps with 2x anti-aliasing.

While the games haven't been touched in terms of gameplay, textures, models or anything else of this nature, it naturally looks noticeably better running in HD. The lighting is more natural and the framerate boost provides a tangible difference in the smoothness of the controls.

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sahar2433206d ago

for me adding anti aliasing makes a very big difference, it looks a lot better.

AKNAA3206d ago

It looks better than some of the actual next gen games out rite now! Haha! But Its kinda sad at the same time...

sahar2433206d ago

it looks on par with a lot of next generation games, incredible.

raztad3206d ago

It's not just AA, the increase in resolution helps a lot to sharpen the graphics.

hay3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Also texture filtering or just using original, not PS2 optimized textures helped.

Looks real good.

ABizzel13206d ago

Not a substantial difference, but you can tell there is a difference. Jaggies are pretty much gone in Collection, Lighting looks much better in collection (but it looks like some of the color was lost), but the biggest change should come from the gameplay since it's running at 60fps.

mal_tez923206d ago

This needs to be done with all the great last gen series.

I would definitely buy a Ratchet and Clank collection, Jak and Daxter collection, SOCOM collection and Metal Gear Solid collection. Old games that were good deserve this kind of updating treatment, don't change the gameplay, just the graphics.

HolyOrangeCows3206d ago

...but what's with the color? Looks a bit less vibrant, am I right?

3206d ago
DK_Kithuni_713206d ago

Wrong board, junior. We are talking about the God of War series here. Not the Halo series.

sikbeta3206d ago

This is So Amazing, Remastered Masterpieces FTW!!!

thereapersson3206d ago

Is your comment some sort of ironic jab at your own name?

Because ridiculous comments such as yours are exactly that: Mindbogglingly stupid. Then again, you could just be trolling this area out of sheer boredom, so if that is the case, you need to take it to the open zone.

Mindboggle3206d ago

Its just a joke how N4G has changed. A year ago there was a good group of people who would actually discuss games instead of argue over them. Now the whole site is infested with PS3 fanbabys. You say your opinion and you get 100+ disagrees like i did yesterday. The whole site has become a joke.

Dark General3206d ago

I have mixed feelings on how the collection version looks. The AA has boosted the character models and objects but the colors and shadows looks faded which I don't like. When all is said and done though this is a great deal for people who own a Ps3 who missed out on the previous GoW games.

badz1493206d ago

I'll be playing the hell out of it for sure!

Darkstorn3206d ago

Never got a chance to play the originals (I had an original Xbox), so I'm looking forward to this. Definite must-buy.

Sarcasm3206d ago

"Its just a joke how N4G has changed. A year ago there was a good group of people who would actually discuss games instead of argue over them. Now the whole site is infested with PS3 fanbabys. You say your opinion and you get 100+ disagrees like i did yesterday. The whole site has become a joke."

So far everyone was talking about the game, then you put an obviously flamebait comment about polishing a turd.

Mindboggling indeed.

badz1493206d ago

people are indeed still talking about the game here until you came in and talk BS! what turd are you talking about here? GoW I & II were among the best games last gen on PS2 and you're talking about turd? Sony remastered the games to 720p and 60fps and adds trophy supports and will include the GoW III demo with it for $40! compare that with a 5H campaign and repacked maps of a 640p game that cost $60, this is one heck of a deal! the only turd I can see here is YOU! go the hell to Open zone next door where you can smack talk BS all you want! TROLL!

Orange3205d ago


No one can give you a serious discussion when your opinion is that it's "a turd...but still a piece of sh!t". You think that should elicit meaningful discussion? It's not even a legitimate opinion. You may feel the story was weak, the camera was annoying, or the graphics were sub-par, but "it's a piece of sh!t"? come on man! you act like you're f'ing thirteen.

ultimolu3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Mindboggle...may I ask who in the WORLD spat in your food for the past week? PS3 fans are discussing GAMES. In their own section. I better not see ANY, and I mean ANY 360 fan cry about PS3 fans in their articles because your comments were UNCALLED for.

Get a life dude.

gaffyh3205d ago

@Mindboggle- If you feel that way please leave N4G and never return

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jhooty143206d ago

is it jus me or does original looks like it has more depth in color :I

still must have :)

pippoppow3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Has to be the way video is captured from the PS3 or these sites don't optimize the PS3 output. Some sites show a foggy like filter screen to PS3 vids and pics which I never see on my TV.

@king below
Yeah you probably do not see any games on your PS3 look like these pics. Something is off. Read somewhere that the PS3 for some reason doesn't capture well for some reason or maybe it just isn't set up properly. Either way, PS3 games do not have any type of foggy filter on their games like some sites would have you think.

Mindboggle3206d ago

Yh i blame the video capture aswell. It has to be. And i also blame ign. And i also blame my monitors refresh rate for showing crappy quality images.

pippoppow3206d ago

It's similar to Assassins creed vid and pic comparisons. I had the game and it looked clear on my tv. PS3 owners know the truth.

Mindboggle3206d ago

Wow.....What a disgraceful comment.

pippoppow3206d ago

It's disgraceful how you are always antagonizing posters here? I fail to see how my comment is disgraceful. If the games show clear on my TV then my assumtion is it should look clear on other tvs as well. I know I'm just waisting my time with you but you are part of the problem here. Just looking at your posts here in this thread proves it.

gamingisnotacrime3206d ago

there is a video in the PSN store in HD, and it looks amazing, it challenges MANY good looking current gen games no joke. I saw it last night and immediately became anxious to play this hd version. And i have a PS3 with BC and both GoW games and still the collection looks so much better is awesome.

I know this collection will sell huge, specially among PS3 owners that missed GoW series, they are gonna be pleased, and me also :)

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kingkobra2xxx3206d ago

Does IGN have White Balancing turned on when it captured the pics? Otherwise it looks very next gen to me

Kain813206d ago

specially GOW2 looking amazing on that PICs

aliens3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Uncharted 2 is a 360 exclusive.

Chubear3206d ago


It actually looks better than Halo ODST lol, wow.

aliens3206d ago

Master Chief looks better than u.

Nitrowolf23206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

"Halo Looks better"
lol funny how you changed your comment to Uncharted 2, guess what UC2 PS3 exclusive
@below is that why the 2 replise above and comment below refer the Halo?

Saaking3206d ago

haha, yes it was. Poor bot.

Rai853206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

only a 5 years old child

aliens3206d ago

Saakin is the worst droid of the whole website. May he root in hell.

Saaking3206d ago

haha, Why are you mad at me? It's not my fault you're a moron.

Nitrowolf23206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

saaking who do u think this multiple account user is?

xcox3206d ago

xb!tch's wet dream...
the he wakes up and plays halo... again


Saaking3206d ago

@ Nitrowolf2
He's probably the same guy as Corywebbs and MGR

ultimolu3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Another moron wanting to get attention with an alternate account...-_-

Stop sniffing that glue bottle, it's not good for you. :T

The mods need to do something about this and fast.

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