GamerZines: Left 4 Dead 2 - Infected Hands On

From GamerZines: "What a difference a year makes! The short development cycle may have been controversial to a minority of gamers, but as soon as you sit down with a mouse and keyboard and play some versus multiplayer all of the previous complaints seem to melt away.

We had a chance to sit down with Valve's impressively disgusting horror shooter this week and unsurprisingly we were thoroughly impressed. Essentially the core gameplay has remained the same, but the new classes of infected add a lot of new dynamics to team play. We played the Carnival campaign with seven other excitable journalists which was an enjoyable and illuminating experience.

Favourite of our new classes was the Charger, who has the ability to rush into a group of survivors shoulder first and pin them against a wall, shortly before he picks them up again and forcefully pushes them into the ground. There's little margin for error, as even if you only slightly mess up your trajectory you'll end up running harmlessly past the survivors. The recharge time is substantial and was a shade faster than the Boomer. For such a bulky and hideously disfigured character he's surprisingly fragile, so you'll need to choose your moments carefully. Long, small corridors are your best friend as you can take at least one survivor out of action."

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