It's Almost Time for Braid on PSN

PS.Blog writes:

At long last, we're thrilled to be able to tell the PlayStation community that Braid will officially be making its way to the PlayStation Network on November 12 for $14.99. The gang here at Hothead has been working hard to bring this amazing game to you as soon as possible.

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lociefer3327d ago


Persistantthug3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

When retail games show up late on the PS3 because of some timed exclusive deal, I generally haven't bought it. I feel if I wasn't good enough to be catered to from the start and now, after the fact you want to come knocking on my door and treat me all "second class", I feel your game should be treated second class in kind. So basically, why should a PSN game be treated any different?

By the way, some of these games I do buy when they hit $ BIOSHOCK, for example. Good game it about a month ago. I recommend it for $20 :)

Feral Gamer3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

My friend played Braid on 360 and I don't think it cost him $14.99

*EDIT* Maybe he got it on sale, I dunno. But $14.99 seems awfully steep for a game which was released on 360 a year ago. Full price for sloppy seconds? No thanks!

Cajun Chicken3327d ago

I like the way that games ported with no more content from a year ago have the price unchanged.


Makavelli15273327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Well Trine was pretty expensive also but I love it and if Braid is as good as people claim it is I have no probelem with 14.99

Makavelli15273327d ago

Oh and does anyone know how long it is