Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising DLC & Title Update Announced

Codemasters today announced that the first Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Downloadable Content (DLC) – the 'Skirmish' pack – will be available for the PC version tomorrow, November 5th 2009. The DLC will be bundled with a title update patch.

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SIXAXISofEVIL3324d ago

cool. it would be nice if they improve the enemy AI, but that's probably asking a bit much.

hiredhelp3324d ago

Weres the ps3 DLC hope its free after all the upset been caused.
And the Fact they made us think we all get a set of AI squads we dont soo many bugs connection issues. they need to redeme themselvs hope they do cos this game has alot potential..

molsen813324d ago

This game is flat out horrible. I'm just holding on to it for my next trade in.