Worms XBLA DLC Next Week

New Content Coming for Worms on Xbox LIVE® Arcade!

Team17 are very happy to announce that the first release of downloadable content for Worms on Xbox LIVE® Arcade will go live on Wednesday 30th May at 09:00 GMT. Further details and screenshots are available on the forum.

The following content will be available:

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Pathetic N4G Website4194d ago

Preview of all 3 Landscapes, 2 Themes, 22 Soundbanks & 17 Gamerpics :)

Worm on !

Mr Murda4194d ago

Where is my "weapons pack"? Where is my Super Banana Bomb and Concrete Donkey?

ACE4194d ago

i just felt they released half a game back than .

however an awsome game it was back then but next week will make it whole lol.

yeah good point, Where is the "weapons pack"?

Lygre4194d ago

Finally my worms can speak my language, Norwegian! =D

Angry Scotsman sounds like fun as well =P I'll remember the voices next week when I play it...they had those voices in Armageddon.

Cool that we get one landscape for free, two others for 150 MSp each...hmmm might get them.

And weapons? Where's our holy grenade and super sheep?