Exit coming to Xbox Live Arcade

The latest Famitsu issue reveals that Taito Corporation plans on bringing its PSP puzzle game Exit to Xbox Live Arcade. In Exit you assume the role of Mr. Esc, a masked individual tasked with rescuing people from buildings under a time limit, avoiding various traps and solving puzzles.

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cheetorb4107d ago

Gee, imagine that. Another lame port. What a surprise coming from Microsoft.

Covenant4107d ago

Exit wasn't a bad game. Maybe it will work better on a console than on a portable.

BIadestarX4107d ago

So much hate just becase it will be on xbox live. Do you know how many people never play this game for the PSP? The simple fact that this game was only for the PSP and now it will be on xbox live is a win win situation for microsoft.

_insane_cobra4106d ago

I'm glad it's coming to XBLA because Exit is one of the few PSP games I give a damn about.

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