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poindat3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

They are eating their words right now. Sony is on a roll, one that I expect to continue well into Christmas time.

Let's face it, with the PS3 and 360 evenly priced, you're simply getting more value for your money out of the PS3.

Chris Hansen3110d ago

$299 PS3 = 491.8K
$199/$299 360 = 352.6K


Carl14123110d ago

Holy hell. I guess a lot of people were waiting for a PS3 price cut, huh?

Good to see Batman still up there on the PS3 :)

Jamegohanssj53110d ago

Almost half a million in the US. Not bad.


morganfell3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

With their biggest franchise launching another installation, a price cut that either matched the PS3's or dropped some models below the PS3 cost, a winter bundle, and several other attempts MS could not catch the PS3.

HALO fever is the only thing that floated those numbers. That fever has subsided. We will continue to see the console everyone wanted, the PS3, leading in the US and the rest of the world through the new year.

soxfan20053110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

The $199 Xbox 360 remained unchanged in price, but 360 sales still increased 63% over the prior month.

So much for the theory that the hard drive-less Arcade is the most popular 360 model.

darthv723110d ago

both did a bang up job in september.

I am not surprised that the ps3 outsold the 360. Are they using a combined sales for ds and dsi? I guess media create is the only one that shows ds and dsi individually.

JOLLY13110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Half of the top 10 games were sold on the 360. Usually only Nintendo does that.

*EDIT* people disagreeing with facts....weird! Oh wait, no it isn't, it's n4g.

Ragz0173110d ago

ppl who just bought a ps3 :)

RememberThe3573110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

This is N4G, News for Gangsters. lol

Anyway, these are great all around numbers. The DS is a freakin beast. I still don't under stand why so many people are buying them.

Great PS3 numbers, we'll have to wait to see how this carries on, but if quality of software is any indication, the PS3 is going to have a great holiday.

4Sh0w3110d ago

Looks great all around. PS2 sales are finally starting to show its age, still can't believe their selling 100k this late in the game.

Tinted Eyes3110d ago

lol I didn't think the gap would be that big.

Demonzu Souru3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Great sales for PS3 and all consoles but PS3 almost sold half a million WOW! The sales spike was huge but with the 360 being only 140k behind I wonder if Sony can fend Microsoft and Nintendo off for two months in a row.

morganfell3110d ago

HALO won't be dragging the 360 up the chart next month whereas the buzz concerning Uncharted 2 will only add fuel to the PS3 sales jump that wasn't based on any particular launch software in the first place.

crck3110d ago

@1.6 Well I'm sure some of that boost was from Halo ODST as well as the $50 rebate from MS off 360 Elites that started Sept. 22nd. Who wouldn't by an Elite over an Arcade for only $50 more?

But damn the Wii numbers are just scary. They shifted a ton with their price drop only in effect for 4 days. I personally think the Wii is crap but I guess the masses have spoken.

Bathyj3110d ago

What if its not so much a spike as a new trend?

PS3 was outselling XB in the states for months after its last price cut remember? It wasn't until XB cut the price again leading up to Christmas that they took the reigns back. Kind of like what might/could be happening here.

The rest of the year should be interesting. Save the US, save the world.

Lifendz3110d ago

for all the people that just got a PS3. Enjoy what is, IMO, the best value for your money on the market. Hope you picked up Uncharted 2 while you were out there getting your PS3.

Megaton3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

lol @ the alt source; "PS3 Slim Sales Disappoint in September NPD". Even when it comes out on top, it's doomed.

Thought ODST sold 2 mil+ on day 1? Wasn't that floating around here when it launched?

evrfighter3110d ago

I was expecting ps3 sales to be closer to a million.

Considering both Consoles had price cuts. I guess this is the economy finally coming into play.

KingME3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

With all of the hype and smack talk about the PS3 slim (AKA-PS3 do-over) plus all the exclusives and the purchases for the PS3's biggest hitter in uncharted 2. I think the 360 did an awesome job, I mean with all that, and the manufacturing cost for retooling their assembly line, research and development of the PS3 slim, the PS3 only able to best the 360 by 140K in the US, Wow.

Good job 360 way to keep the fire to a minimum. A complete relaunch of the PS3 and the 360 only lost .0175 percent of it US lead; Good Job Microsoft. And then on top of the, the 360 still managed to stand tall in software sells with 3 of the top 5 and 5 of the top 10.
ODST selling 1.5m in 8 days,super.

Does that mean, not many games were bought with those 491K PS3 slims that were sold? Maybe it's true after all, perhaps people are buying the PS3 to be used as a movie player.

IDK, all I can say is great job Microsoft, once again you managed to keep Sony's damage to a minimum.

Elaine Benes3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

if sony can keep the momentum into December, then I will buy into this Price-Cut Hype.
But this isnt the first time Ive seen Sony outsell MS for a couple of months, but then they get thier a$$es handed to them for next 10 months.

@morganfell: they dont need halo, although it would help. but MW2 will boost their sales just fine. :)

Strikepackage Bravo3110d ago

I can't tell, although I am surprised PS3 didn't sell more, 360 is not all that far behind it, I expected the slim to rape 360 in sales, even in the USA, and that just didn't happen.

Marceles3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

lol Xiphos, I didn't notice that until now

edit: LOL this is even funnier

"Rochester Xbox 360 Examiner Alexander Hinkley"

CrazzyMan3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

With Canada over half a million PS3 sales in NA.
Good numbers.

And Wii pricecut also moved a lot of Wii units.
Now, the most important thing, how well will PS3 perform in October, though with killer-app Uncharted 2 release.

Strong numbers for x360, which had ODST in September. Overall, x360 is doing pretty good, despite PS3 and Wii pricecuts. Though, x360 also had that limited 50$ pricecut for 2 weeks.

And PS2 is doing great, just great. So and DS.
PSP, well, it`s the best selling non-Nintendo handheld.))

This Christmas season will be definitely very interesting.

Tinted Eyes3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Thats alot of damage control.

"and the purchases for the PS3's biggest hitter in uncharted 2"

Dude...........this is September, Uncharted was not released yet.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

PlayStation 3: 491.8K
Wii: 462.8K
Xbox 360: 352.6K

I wonder how 360 feels being on the bottom :)

These sales prove that people have wanted PS3s for awhile but the price was just too high. Uncharted 2 wasn't released in September so it'll be interesting to see the October numbers.

The-Warranty3110d ago

Even with Halo ODST releasing, The xbox fell pretty short.

sikbeta3110d ago

It seems like someone will start to think first before make a comment, you know what I mean and this also goes to delusional fanboys who loves his console so much and can't see the TRUTH

Cyrus3653110d ago

To 1.6, you said 360 sales went up 60%+ to the previous month...

You do know the previous month there was only 4 weeks of reporting, and sept has 5 weeks, so pretty much all consoles, with or without a price cut, would have went up by nature, of 1 extra week.

So the percentages is off, it's likely the 360 Increased it's percentage by like 20-30%.

YourCall3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I believe that Kingme was talking about all the people that bought PS3's because Uncharted was coming out. It is suppose to be a system sell isn't it. Funny how you can make that comment about ODST, but he can't make it about Uncharted.

@Kingme - Great points, people can call it spin all they want, but everything you said was factual. I agree with you 100%, all of the HYPE (and there was a lot of it) about the PS3 slim, I figured it would sell a million in the US alone, especially the way the fanboys on N4G were ranting. You make an excellent point my friend.

@The warranty - ODST is probably the reason Kingme's comment is true. If it weren't for ODST (which according to you PS3 fans is just an overpriced addon) there probable would have been less 360s sold and perhaps more PS3s sold, who knows some people probably bought 360s instead of a PS3 because of

@Cyrus - No one is questioning why the 360 was up 60%, the fact still remains that it was. Who cares how many weeks were in it, it being report from one period to another. Talking about spinning.

@Xiphos - See that's your problem, you need to read to learn rather than to refute. The 2 million day 1 sells for ODST was for world wide not for the US only. Next time, read to whole article instead of just the title.

Tinted Eyes3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

"Funny how you can make that comment about ODST, but he can't make it about Uncharted."

Probably because people are more likely to buy the console for the game in the month that it comes out, instead of the month before, and obviously I can make that comment about ODST since it was actually released in September, not the month before.

beardpapa3110d ago

All I can say is I see a lot of spin on this thread. I think people are forgetting what December and March will do.

FamilyGuy3110d ago

Who's theory was that? It seemed to be the consensus here that the arcade model is mostly ignored and everyone on this site suggest avoiding it altogether if you're interested in owning a 360.
Why do you think everyone keeps saying things like "Now that the PS3 and 360 are the same price..."?

Just quit already, your damage control skills need an update.

JustinSaneV23110d ago

"Microsoft's home console provided the most significant contribution to industry performance this month, with NPD analyst Anita Frazier pointing out in an analyst note, "Across all categories, the Xbox 360 platform contributed the most to industry unit and dollar sales as sales of 360 hardware, software and accessories comprised 32 percent of the month's revenues.""

IdleLeeSiuLung3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

So I guess after all the hype train on the PS3 slim + price cut, that is with all it's guns out, it only managed to outsell the 360 a measly 150k. Respectable? Yes, but nothing like the 1000% we were hearing about. Overhype? Yes!

I don't think the ps3 re-image + price cut will have a significant effect, just like the 360 price cut.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3110d ago

With all the hype dream blogs here on N4G and all the talk from the Sony fans you would think the PS3 would have sold a million. Sony had one month in NA to push ahead with the cheaper slim and only did it with 491 vs 352. Just like all price drops they begin to decline after the first month and ths is all Sony could do? Teh slim was Sony's biggest chance to turn the tide and it was a super failure... WOW!!! I was expecting a heck of alot more, I was expecting at least 800k above the 360 with the cheaper slim... super fail of all time.

cmrbe3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

There are 3 weeks that seperate the two game release on different months. Thats 1 week shy of a month and yet you guys say they they should have the same impact in Sept?.

Its great that you guys acknowledge that Uncharted is just as big as the xbox's biggest franchise. Never knew you guys had such high regards for it.

I knew ODST first day numbers were inflated like all MS exclsuives first day sales data which is almost impossible to get after just one day in anycase. It was reported to sold 2.7 million copies worldwide on first day and then basically nothing the reaming weekdays?. 1.5 million in NA for 1 week and then 1.2 million for the rest of the world for 1 week to make up the 2.7 million it was suppose to sell on first day???. You x360 fans should stop believing MS and especially what VG crap reports. It is stupid to think that someone could report on game sales after 1 day to begin with.

Suddenly all that carp talk about PS3 game sales seems like crap eh?.

@poindat. The PS3 is still not evenly priced with the x30 since there is no 199 PS3 sku.

FlipMode3110d ago

Loving the damage control. :D

Tinted Eyes3110d ago

"I was expecting at least 800k above the 360 "

lol No you weren't, your just desperately trying to downplay the PS3 smacking the 360.

JokesOnYou3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

ps3 relaunch, slim ps3 + price drop with all the sony extremists screaming ps3 would easily double 360 sales with both at the same price and yet all ps3 could manage is 140k more than 360, just like I said, by Nov NPD 360 will be back to outselling ps3 again, and it will be alot closer in Oct NPD #'s, we all know the biggest sales happen in the first (week) month, after a price drop, but because of the holidays approaching sales will be higher than normal for all systems until Jan, with 360 leading the ps3 again.

These #'s for ps3 are not impressive when you consider that the ps3 had always been more expensive than 360 and therefore in theory alot more folks were waiting for a ps3 price drop as oppose to 360, so if what all the sony extremists having been preaching about "price" is true, how come the ps3 sales aren't alot bigger?...and 360 sales increased at the same time like 60% with the price drop which only affected the higher sku. Sony can't even consider another price drop for another 18+ months at the earlist, and micro is still holding at least a -$50 card that they can use anytime, but again just like I said before, they don't need to anytime soon, just ride out the initial ps3 sales spark and still win the holidays like every other holiday season before. lmfao, so much for those wild predictions.


@ Morganfail, "If the PS3 price drops to $299 then it's game over." So Sony does that and people now want to think it is a fluke?"

ha, ha nobody's saying its a fluke, of course like any other price drop, sales the question becomes where will it balance out? If ps3 sales were double or in the 650k or above range right now then it would be logical to predict while they would go down after a price drop they still would maintain a healthy lead for awhile, now specifically because this price drop comes with the holiday season right around the corner sales will likely go up, but that will happen for all consoles, thats normal, now after that with ps3 sales at 490k just after launch but before the holidays it just doesn't seem like it will carry those type of sales in throughout next year like the wii did, wii was selling 600k-700k at one point even after the holidays and even when sales dropped they were selling 400-500k+ for a long time.

lol, kws1065...its funny you say that the ps3 launched at $500-$600, 360 was $300-$ essentially the 360 the 360 has dropped the price at most -$100, ps3 is now available at -$200 difference, lol so even with the added BR player it wasn't enough demand/value which FORCED sony to NOW SELL AT THE SAME PRICE AS 360= Wow. & lol, oh btw the way I like how only now is ODST considered a hardware seller. lmfao, you guys are as predictable as the wind or should I say your arguements change as often as the wind. lol too funny, thats why I like NPD days, real #'s always destroy all the insane BS propagand from the sony extremists, seriously look at some of those old ps3 slim news posted on n4g, some of the very same folks here were acting as if ps3 was going to sell a mil every month and 360 was going to be dead, lol, and NPD brings them back to reality, Nov will be a nightmare for them, sleep tight kids.

morganfell3110d ago

Microsoft sat on HALO ODST after it was completed for months. They waited because they knew that the PS3 price cut was coming. They took an add-on pack with recycled multiplayer, used advertising and well placed articles to blow it into a full game. Something even Bungie said it was not.

Then they chopped the price of more than one 360 model, put together a winter bundle, a special on another 360 package, flooded the air with Natal news, even put the HALO Reach beta invite news out and for what? Third place?

Every publisher, industry analyst, sales forecast predictor, and half mad gamer with an opinion have said the same thing. "If the PS3 price drops to $299 then it's game over." So Sony does that and people now want to think it is a fluke?

Look at the facts. You launch a new title from your biggest gun and chop the price of your console to either match or beat the PS3's cost and you still can't catch it?

Common sense says this isn't a one month sales trend.

The PS3 has the GOTY out right now and it's buzz has been rolling in scores that are off the charts despite the fact that PS3 games are graded against a higher, more stringent scale. That will show in the October NPD. This isn't the last AAAA game coming to the PS3 this year that is exclusive. Combine that with several high profile Bluray releases this Christmas and it's ho ho ho and Christmas cheer in the Sony camp.

I wonder what the excuse will be next month when the PS3 actually moves ahead of the 360 by an even wider margin....?

kws10653110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

within 100 dollars difference between PS3 and 360, there will be no chance for 360 to sell more than PS3.

Just like last year before 360 dropped its price. Oh, 360 drops its price every year lol.

randomwiz3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

not surprised of the ps3 to 360 sales, but pretty ps2 sales are pretty surprising especially for NA which mostly should be in next gen right now

Hellsvacancy3110d ago

Take a look at the coments next door lol ------->

DaTruth3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Apparently, it is not enough to kick the crap out of the 360 now, it has to sell a million in September(which it did easy worldwide). Something not even the Wii has done outside of Christmas season.

Damn, you guys are sad!

Not only that, but both consoles had pricecuts and one had a heavy hitter!

@Kingme: It seems even when 360 losses it wins!

ultimolu3110d ago

Now that's what I call a pwnage. :D

zeeshan3110d ago

That's almost half a million in U.S. alone! Wow... just wow!

3110d ago
Lord Shuhei Yoshida3110d ago

b bb b but Facebook!!!11!111!!111

v1c1ous3110d ago

Sony dominates console hardware sales, 360 dominates software sales

wii got a 1-2 punch

Sarcasm3110d ago

"I was expecting at least 800k above the 360 with the cheaper slim... super fail of all time. "

Hrmm, another case of "US = The World"

Heck, most people would have expected the Slim to be around 300k in the U.S. But not 490k. And if you add up the worldwide numbers, japan is 300k, and Eu could be another 500k. That's 1.3million in a month.

So keep on crying.

But I will say though that the 360 still has solid numbers for the month with their price cut.

lowcarb3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I'm not even going to try and argue or call people out for making outlandish claims about PS3 and it's numbers that would kill 360. 2012 is almost here and at this rate I don't ever think PS3 will pass 360 in hardware and especially not software sales this generation. The fact that 360 software takes the wii head on with a smaller install base needs to be recognized. Spin can go on for only so long and the numbers don't lie people. 360 will come in second the gen and 1st in software and services.

XboxUltimateAlliance3110d ago

This is ps3's amazing comeback? Only 150,000 for the 'amazing' first month of sales for the big bad PS3 slim?? I wonder how much of a lead PS3 will have next month.. Im thinking not too much if it managed 150,000 on its first month where alot of people that were waiting bought it. Do people see these numbers and still tell themselves ps3 can catch up sometime in the near future?

Ju3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

The xbox fans here might get used to a new phrase. After "u r 3rd", maybe you can practice "u r just a little ahead". Works for me.

/shakes head and goes on with live...

3XP3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Great Comment Kingme

The face that all of the super duper hardcare Fanboys feel a need to address your comment is all the evidence need to confirm that you are spot on. They seem to fear your, I remember one time you said Uncharted was a good game and the PS3 fanboys disagreed with you. Probably because as soon as they see your name they hit the disagree button without reading

But, you are 100% correct, the PS3 with all of it's hype and glory should have beat the 360 by 490K let along only sold 490K. These boys are disapointed and they know they are. Right Morganfell? I addressed you because you appear to be the puppet master for these lemmings.

@Ju (above) "shakes head and goes on with live" so does that mean you went to another thread and typed some more bullsh!t, because it's pretty clear that n4g "IS" your "live".

lowcarb3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Ju...why don't Ju shut up lol. I'm having a hard time understanding what your going on about. Type slowly because it's hard to understand what a troll is trying to say.

edit below iheartboobs: And the same could be said about PS3 when other parts of the world buy it instead of 360 and people blab on about the numbers. Stop being a hypocrite and open your eyes.

DaTruth3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I remember awhile ago, when the 360 beat PS3 by 1000 consoles and there was a huge 360 fanboy victory party. Now 150000 is not enough!

Here it is then; Worldwide PS3 beats 360 by 800000 consoles. How can you spin that! There's no rebate in Europe.

ARBitrator3110d ago

"Here it is then; Worldwide PS3 beats 360 by 800000 consoles."

Here's some "TRUTH" for you...Worldwide, the 360 continues to beat the PS3 by 7.2+ million.

How can you spin that! There's no "rebate" in The Bottomline.

Man, 800,000 climb and still loosing by 7 million.

Death24943110d ago

All three console had a price cut in September. For 360bots saying how the 360 held off the ps3, 360 pro was only 199.99. " I expected ps3 to do better" comment is ludacris because it was only September. Though i think it was just more people upgrading than anything else.

Sony announced their price cut a week before Microsoft. See what happens when you have a head start. Microsoft has a 365 days head start with 10 million console lead

eagle213110d ago

I don't want to hear the cry's from 360 fans....teh natal, teh splinter cell, teh alan wake. PS3 beat halo. It will beat everything else. :)

aueslander3110d ago will be interesting to see oct and nov numbers.

mean come on, I would say a decent %age are rebuys if the net is any indicator since almost every thread every PS3 owner said they were going to buy a slim for a second system...

....then again, those same claim to all buy every exclusive the ps3 comes out with and well making one think that most ps3 games are flying off the shelf but, we know how that usually turns out as far as percentage of PS3 owners with any given exclusive.

Alvadr3110d ago

PS3 sold more than the Wii.... Theres something you dont see too often

Zack Sawyer3110d ago

So wait are we playing sales now? I can never tell with this fickle hypocritical crowd.

Seems to be sales only matter when its convenient to either fanboys

DaTruth3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Are we playing graphics now? I can never tell with this fickle hypocritical crowd!

Seems graphics only matter when there's a multiplaform graphics comparison and 360 comes out on top.

The difference is, now PS3 has the graphics, teh sales and the games. While 360 has none of the above! After all the ridiculous 360 fanboy rhetoric over the years, how could we not rub it in???

IdleLeeSiuLung3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I guess the 360 fanboys must have gotten to you over the years, eh?

Feeling a little frustrated when the 360 does well?

I suggest you go play your PS3 as nothing has really changed, fanboys on all sides will bicker....

catguykyou3109d ago

Great hardware sales for the PS3 however look at all the 360 games on that sales list compared to the PS3 games. Wonder whats up with that. Hope the PS3 doesn't turn into another PSP. All hardware sales, hardly any software sales.

thesummerofgeorge3109d ago

no matter how bad you want it, Microsoft will never love you back....