Wolfenstein PC Demo Available

Wolfenstein which released in August 2009 now has demo available for anyone wanting to step into the shoes of B.J Blazkowicz as he takes on a elite German SS force that specializes in occult black magic and bizarre science experiments. In control of the Black Sun artifact, the Germans seek to gain an advantage in World War II.

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merry3348d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jamescagney3348d ago

Bit late to release a demo isn't it?

chak_3348d ago

looking for sales > madden '10?


Nihilism3348d ago

this is good, after hearing the reviews i decided to not even bother getting this, but with a demo i can check it out for myself, i hate buying highly rated games that end up crap, but by the same token, i hate not buying poorly rated games that i later find out were unappreciated gems, demo's help,

Demo's that helped:

F.E.A.R 2 demo: instant buy, don't regret it
Last Remnant: stay the F away from this, thanks god i played the demo, i would have been very angry had i bought a copy
Necrovision: pointless game, demo saved me alot of money

dirthurts3347d ago

And I really enjoyed it.
Nothing crazy different, but very enjoyable.

dkgshiz3347d ago

The Customization of the weapons was kind of cool. Either or, the game sucked.