Two Worlds - Team based multiplayer details

SouthPeak Games has announced multiplayer details for Two Worlds, which is heading to the Xbox 360 and PC in July. Two Worlds' multiplayer mode is completely separate from the game's epic solo adventure, with players able to create custom characters around traditional multiplayer RPG classes. A hub-like lobby area will allow participants to form small teams of up to 8 players in order to tackle a wide variety of team matches, as well as engage in familiar online activities such as chatting and trading.

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Evil Rant Monkey4230d ago

This game looks like it will kick some serous @$$. I have high hopes.

Sphinx4230d ago

I hope it meets my humble expectations!

Cartesian3D4230d ago

I will get PC or PS3 version..
pc version cuz of lower price... or may be PS3 ..2worlds developers said that they will do their job better than Oblivion on Ps3( I dont know its rumor or not)..

so hope they use Bluray and HDD for better performance and more content..

anyway it will be one of the best selling games in my opinion..cuz of multi platform and many fanbase ( oblivion , and other RPGs.. )

many ppl love these kind of open world RPG games..