GameZone: Mini Ninjas Xbox360 Review

What was the turning point for the ninja? When did the silent, stealthy killers from Japanese history become huggable little scamps with a penchant for mischief? Sure, we could blame those damndable Ninja Turtles, but at least they gave us a walking, talking brain and a man who dubbed himself the king of all rats. There had to have been a definitive point of no return, one that made it acceptable to have Chris Farley Kung Fu-ing his way around Beverly Hills on our televisions and a group of adorable, pint-sized shinobi rampaging colorful Eastern environments on our Xboxes. The latter sums up Mini Ninjas pretty well, a third-person action game that lets you wrangle control over six different tiny warriors in a quest to free the land of evil.

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callahan093370d ago

Don't care enough about this game to read the reviews in full, so why is the 360 version scored 2 full points lower than the PS3 version from the same website? Did two different reviewers rate the two games? And if so, why? Are the two versions so different that writing a review based on one version couldn't have sufficed for the other version?